If the Election Was Held Today, Everyone Would Forget to Vote

Did you see Barack Obama’s latest Shocking! poll numbers? No? Well, neither did we.

Oh, we saw the headlines, because as an Accidental Blogger, we’re supposed to pay some attention to that sort of thing. But as an Amateur Blogger, we have the luxury of ignoring it. Like most Americans.

Our rule of thumb is that nobody — except freaks — pays attention to Preznidential politics until after Labor Day of an election year. And certainly not Labor Day the year before. Polls aren’t necessarily worthless right now, but their value is more pulse-taking than predictive.

Especially since our other rule of thumb — It’s the Economy, Stupid — may not apply this round. The economy certainly sucks, and it will just as certainly continue to suck. That conventionally puts the Incumbent, as the freaks say, At Risk.

But at risk of what? Losing to a centrist opposition candidate? Soon as you find one of those, get back to us.

Even knowing the polls, if we had to call it today, we’d bet on an Obama electoral landslide next year. Not because he’s so strong — but because everybody else sucks so bad. We lived through 1980. Barack Obama is no Jimmy Carter. And Mittens and Deranger Rick are no Ronald Reagan.


Early polling once showed that 9ud1 9houl1an1 was considered a viable preznit candidate till his awesome and well thought out Florida Firewall plan.

As the proud father of TWO pug puppies I could give a rat’s ass.

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