Till Undeath Do Us Part

Stinque, publisher of the Stinque Zombie Bible, wishes Juliana and Benjamin a happy and brain-splattered life together.

Wedding of Juliana S. Park & Benjamin J. Lee [Wedding Jojo, via Comics Alliance]

LOL, I’m seeing this story everywhere… well, at least at all the geeky sites. Glad to know we’re one of the geeky sites.

So I take it Brains was served at the dinner?

I am apparently not aware of all internet traditions. Who are these people?

ADD: Oh, wait. Now I get it. It took another look at the picture to notice the approaching zombie. Unfortunately, access to the rest of the photos is now locked. Unfair!

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Well, damn. The real fun is the sequence — it starts out as typical couple photos, then kicks into gear when the zombie arrives. I wanted to post the slightest of teases here, and let you discover the rest.

That’s why you carry one of these in the picnic basket.

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