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The above monument, commemorating the birth of the United Federation of Planets’ most famous starship Captain, can be found in Riverside Iowa. Clever.

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@jwmcsame: Damn good question.

Oh, and Shats is on the + and shares this (might be on FB too, but whatevs)

William Shatner – Yesterday 7:10 PM – Public
The big news: When the clock strikes midnight on Sept.8 ET, marking the 45th Anniversary of Star Trek, be one of the first 2,500 people to upload a photo for inclusion in the official limited-edition Star Trek Fan Mosaics. You can choose from the original Captain Kirk, Spock, or the Starship Enterprise. Visit for more info. My best, Bill
Fan Mosaics | The Ultimate Fan Experience | Star Trek Countdown
Counting down to the ultimate Star Trek Fan Experience…

So get snappin’ or whatever.

So, did John Conner and Cameron fall in love or what? I mean, she obviously loved him.

That is totally a ‘shoppe. The vanishing point of the engraved lettering is different from the vanishing point of the marble.

Of course, in the alternate timeline, Kirk was born in the middle of a wormhole firefight.

@JNOV: technically, john conner is a motherfucker. a time machine don’t make no difference. but like a friend of mine once said back in the day: if raquel welch was my mother, i’d be one proud motherfucker. i can say shit like that. i live in the south.

@nojo: when will wormholes become available commercially and will they transport sound? i need one with a portal above a coworkers nearby office to ship her voice off into deep space. her voice kills brain cells.

@mellbell: i feel like the chick on the old saturday night live routine. never mind. i fucked it up. i thought john conner came back and made little john conner. i hereby resign my log-in.

@jwmcsame: Pshaw. And he does send his dad back in time to protect/impregnate his mom, which is strange in its own right.

How many here have watched every Star Trek series and seen all the movies? I have.

@Dodgerblue: Voyager nearly lost me, and Enterprise definitely did.

Other than that, everything else. The original series, easily a dozen times each.

After DS9 bored me to death. No.

ST:TOS yes.

It is a bit of geek pride that I’m was born the same day Star Trek was albeit 4 years after.

@ManchuCandidate: I watched TOS when it first aired. I recognized some of the locations. “Hey — that’s Vasquez Rocks!”

@Dodgerblue: I saw a few of the primetime episodes — Thursdays at 8:30? — but I remember first-run Batman much better.

The first time I saw Star Trek in color at a friend’s house, it was like entering Oz.

@nojo: Yeah, I liked the original BatMan, plus Get Smart.

@nojo: Excuse me, (ahem) Captain Janeway and Voyager kicked mega-ass. And if you don’t agree wholeheartedly, then I’ve got some nanoprobes for you. Step closer. Closer. That’s close enough.

@¡Andrew!: I’m sorry, but Kate Mulgrew — a last-minute replacement for Geneviève Bujold — was awkward in the part. She couldn’t command the authority.

@nojo: Agreed, although I should disclose that my wife and daughters thought that this was sexist of me.

@Dodgerblue: I don’t think it’s sexist to observe that an actor was miscast — it wasn’t that Kate was a girl, it’s that she was wrong.

What’s sexist is NBC vetoing Majel Barrett (later Mrs. Roddenberry) as the first officer in the original pilot, which most folks know as the Captain Pike two-parter. They didn’t mind her being recast as the Pretty Nurse.

And speaking of awkward, pulling a Lucas on the original series is really disturbing. Once moment they’re on a 1960s set, and then we cut to an exterior with the best digital effects the 21st century can offer.

Part of the charm is what they were able to pull off with limited technical means and an equally limited TV budget. Suggested drinking game: Sulu turning around to look back at the Captain.

@nojo: George Takei is gay, you know. What are you suggesting?

@Dodgerblue: Well, I’m not talking about the fencing scene…

Rather: On a limited TV budget, Star Trek used a lot of self-created stock footage. One of those stock shots was Sulu Looking Back, and if it doesn’t show up in every episode, it shows up in a lot of them.

@nojo: Hmmm… interesting. I’ve always thought that she gave a commanding performance, especially in all those fantastic two-parters like Scorpion, The Killing Game and The Year of Hell. Geekgazm!

@¡Andrew!: The Doctor was good, as was Jeri Ryan. Everyone else felt like second-string TV performers.

Most Treks are stuffed with TV types, especially the Guest Aliens. But a competent actor in the captain’s chair forgives a lot.

@nojo: I will grant that the first season or three frequently sucked, mostly cause the writers honestly didn’t know what to do with the characters or the plot–you know, little things like that–but it fired on all cylinders in seasons four through seven once they brought Ms. Borgalicious on board and gave the story a direction and the characters a voice. It ended up being a close second after Next Gen as my favorite. I watched the best eps not too long ago, and they hold up pretty well even after being off the air for a decade.

@¡Andrew!: DS9 suffered a similar multi-season slow start, but once they got the Cardassians in play, it got very interesting.

But those Netflix bastards, they don’t have DS9 on Instant, nor the TNG movies. Fuck them.

@nojo: I hear that they can hook you up with the voyages of Captain Hepburn and Company on the instant netflixes, but do pretend that the series started with season 4, that’s what I do.

@¡Andrew!: I went through it all the first time. Not sure I can deal with another course in Temporal Mechanics.

Please do not run down my beloved STV. Further negative comments about my favorite sci-fi programme will be met with instantaneous imprisonment and summary execution.


@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: No need to run it down. Just wait for the computer to catch a cold.

@nojo: That’s it, I’m sending the secret police!

Now we’ll see who’s in charge around here, Mister!

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Which one is this? Once Number One (?) grew a beard to hide his gut, I was out. No number of Jean-Lucs, Whoopies or Mindreading curly head curvy body aliens could undo that. I think the movies lost me after that whale one. My friends hated me for dragging them to see that, and I didn’t get to pick a movie in like forever. I did okay with Robocop.

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