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Stocking Is the New Planking [via @daveweigel]

Ugh, half the people in that Tumblr aren’t even wearing the right clothes. I have three designer colleagues who found examples of truly effed up stock images in our library (along the lines of these gems) and recreated them exactly for Halloween. It was genius.

This almost make me glad the Mac Air is in the shop for the third time in a month. I’ve had the hard drive replaced twice. It will work for a few days, and then won’t boot up. If it can’t be fixed for under $100, I will be computer-less, and will doubtless get a lot of reading done. Plus I won’t have to know what stuff like this is all about.

@flippin eck: The other day I had to hunt down a Migrant Farmworker for a client, but all I could find at istock were Happy Iowans and Happy Chinese rice-paddy tenders.

Finally found something that worked, but I triple-checked to make sure it was from California — a stock-photo mishap like that can blow up on ya…

@nojo: I coulda given you pics I have from my days hanging with the Texas Farmworkers Union* in El Paso – but it would have required a scanner, and a flight home.

*Proudly unaffiliated with those bastids under the jackboot of Cesar & Co.

@Mistress Cynica: I’m sorry you’re having such trouble with your Air. Mine has done very well for me. It sounds like something is wrong wi the machine itself. Have you talked to Apple’s customer service?

@flippin eck: It’s hard to know what the circumstances might be that could ever make some of those pictures appropriate.

Is it a White Thing, and I Just Don’t Understand? Or should I consider myself lucky?

@Nabisco: Pre 1993? Or are you still not allowed to respond to me?

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