London in Flames! Crispy Kreme Looted in Chingford!

As London prepares to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Blitz, parts of London are engulfed in flames as rioters engage the police after a father being shot to death by a policeman provided an excuse for looting (pronounced Loo-ting for those unfamiliar with the English Tongue).

Here is a linque to a West London newspaper featuring pictures and a blow-by-blow account.

BTW. When reading of riots please try not to snigger at place names. Yes, there really is a placed called Chingford Mount (Ching-ford Mount). Same goes for Dorking (Dork-ing) and Wapping (Wop-ing. And no, that does not mean Italians live there). Tottenham is pronounced Tott-num. Enfield is pronounced En-field.

When asked to comment, Margaret Drabble (Drab-ull) admitted that she had heard of Brixton (Brix-ton) but had never actually been there. “So long as Hampstead’s (Hamp-sted) safe we’ll manage somehow,” the celebrated lady novelist opined. “Has anyone seen Piers Morgan (Ass-hole)?”


Anyone want to predict the exact month and year we start to see “austerity riots” in the U.S.? I’m betting August 2014… two years into the next (presumably GOP) president’s term.

The Tea party is tripping on acid if they think they can gut the Federal bduget in the middle of a massive recession and not see blowback.

It’s gonna get ugly.

So does the Rolling Stones…

@Serolf Divad:
It will… I went out and bought a pitchfork.

@al2o3cr: Tool turned me on to Bill Hicks.

@Serolf Divad: . . . over the Obama Depression.

@Serolf Divad: Noted futurist documentary The Running Man puts the date at which we can expect the US military to begin blowing up American men, women and children in food riots sometime after 2017.

And remember, October is double bonus month for turning in a family member!

“Crispy kreme.” Fascinating. Is that the Queen’s spelling? How do they spell donuts?

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: They’ve classed it up a little so as not to draw unwanted attention on the High Street.


@Benedick HRH KFC: In Austraila, they’re called hoozeewahzels.

From NPR: “Cars and buildings were burning and stores were looted in areas across London Monday, on the third night of riots and violence in the British capital. “Area is an absolute war zone,” pub manager Alan McCabe told the BBC in Croydon. Prime Minister David Cameron is returning early from his summer vacation to help get the riots under control.”

Well, that should put it right.

My God, London really is burning. Though my very dear old friend, when I called her today said, “Oh darling, it’s all silly-buggers,” it would seem to be escalating. Nick Clegg has been moved to call the violence “senseless.”

@Dodgerblue: Croydon? is nothing sacred? It’ll be Streatham next.

@redmanlaw: “Black or white, turn it on, face the new religion – everyone is watching F*&king television!”

What is the London Eye, and why is it not burning?

And now, for the first time “on the mainland” The police are getting “Baton-Rounds”. Previously only available to the Police in Nth Ireland (as are Water Cannon and tear gas)

Now I have “Load up, load up, the rubber bullets” running through my mind. (Local dance at the local county jail).

But if they use them, it will be seeing where they choose to aim. And if they get good enough they may be able to get on the England shooting team for the Olympics!

@CheapBoy: I’ve been wondering about water cannons. The media reports their potential use as if there were international treaties against them, or something. Is this just another Commonwealth affect, like Bobbies?

@CheapBoy: @Nabisco: When you consider that incidents like this in any American city would have resulted in deployment the National Guard and the use of live ammo, the squeamishness about rubber bullets and water cannons seems rather quaint.

Hold on a minute. They’ve got soccer hooligans (here are a few more) doing shit like this and this (German police fear them?) and this, so I’m like, c’mon. You put up with it for sport, but general social unrest sparked by Mr. Duggan’s death is intolerable? Water cannons? Really? Tareq al-Tayyib Muhammad Bouazizi. Rodney King.

ADD: And, yeah. Water cannons for the Catholic Irish, eh?

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