To the Panic Cave!

The Stock Market’s crashing again, Standard & Poor’s hates America, Rick Perry is holding his God-In today… We’re just gonna hide in our Lego Batcave until all this blows over.


Krugman pointed out that S&P doesn’t know what the fuck they’re doing nor have the right to be dicks considering how bad they fucked over the rest of the market with their Subprime ratings.

Thanks GOPers and Blue Dogs for keeping any investigation of rating agency’s role from serious… (as serious as Congressional Kabuki gets) scrutiny.

Fuck you S&P.

This must be serious. The weight of the four envelopes from Chase that came in yesterday’s mail was at least a third less than the four we received Monday. Those damn Slate solicitations would choke our shredder. Today they flew right through.

SFL – looking forward to today’s match-up. Should be closer than last night’s game. Hopefully no bean balls.

This would be the same S&P that gave triple As and gold stars to stinking pile of shit subprime bundled mortgage scams securities and investments? Fuck them.

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