So Much for Those Postal Service Union Commercials

“The U.S. Postal Service reported Friday that it suffered a net $3.1 billion loss in the three months ending June 30. Without the intervention of Congress, the service said, it will default on payments it owes the federal government in September.” [The Hill]


No one in the US seems to know how cheap the PO is and what great service it offers. It’s like Amtrack. In the land of mist and mellow fruitiness I paid 80 quid for a ticket that might cost $40 here. Of course everything’s falling apart. If we had to pay real prices for stuff – apart from internet, phone, etc – but if we had to pay real prices for food there’d be blood in the streets. This is why my corporate cousin comes to New York to shop.

If they charged me 90 cents to send a letter to noj0 in Sandy Eggo would I hesitate? No. Love it when people bitch about a postal rate hike from $.42 to $.44 cents. Give me a BREAK.

@Benedick HRH KFC: @blogenfreude: Agreed. The only improvement they could make is to allow you to pay utilities, as in parts of Europe. I love the PO. FDR wanted to use them for the network of SS, unemployment and other New Deal payments. Shame he didn’t.

Meanwhile, there’s a pissing match between the White House and S&P over a potential credit downgrade, but it’s late Friday afternoon, and I don’t care.

@nojo: Aren’t those the assholes that A-rated all those shitty credit default swaps or whatever?

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: The ratings agencies are collectively untrustworthy. That’s been the dark joke behind the debt-ceiling arguments.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: And Rachel’s lead story. It’s still Friday, and my mind is shot.

@nojo: They’re citing as one of the chief reasons the refusal by the Republicans to consider raising revenues.

@Nabisco: You can do that in the UK. Or used to. Plus you could have a savings account. I use priority mail all the time. Great service. And sending a document to Europe express mail is half the price of FedEx.

Just have the fucking posties selling lottery scratch cards door to door when they deliver the mail and keep a stack of hot pizzas in the truck to sell to people who are hungry and want a pizza.

@Nabisco: In Australia, if you have a Commonwealth Bank account, you can do your banking at the post office. It is great to post all your bill payments and make all your deposits in one swoop.

@Benedick HRH KFC: The US Postal service IS a great service. I agree Priority mail is a very good service.
In the 27 years I have been in business I have never had a piece of mail lost. I cannot say this about FedEx and Ups. If you want to see the future of privatized parcel delivery look at Amazon’s Ensenda service. It is the worst.

@texrednface: Ensenda: is this the one with the recovering addicts in the rattletrap wagons throwing Amazon deliveries randomly on people’s porches?

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