Our guest columnist is Christopher Guerrero of the California Democratic Party.

For years, Democrats in California ceded inland areas of the state to the Republican Party.

That ends today as we take the fight into one of the GOP’s final remaining strongholds in California: the Inland Empire.

Right now, the CDP is partnering with Democrats in the Inland Empire to run the first coordinated voter registration drive in San Bernardino and Riverside counties, and we are starting to see results.

People are coming up to our volunteers and thanking them or telling them that they didn’t even realize what they believed in made them a Democrat.

California Democrats need to stand together and offer encouragement. If you have a story about turning one of your Republican family members into a Democrat or helping your area turn Democratic (or even just a little “bluer”), please share it today so we can all see that It Gets Bluer.

Share your story of how it got bluer for you at ItGetsBluer.com now.

We’ve got a great team in place with our lead organizers, the county parties, and the local clubs.

But Democrats around the state are getting excited too, because they know it helps us all to register more Democrats, even in Republican areas like the Inland Empire.

Part of the reason the Inland Empire has traditionally been so hostile to Democrats is that, for so long, people have only been hearing about Democrats from what Republicans say.

We need to show people that California Democrats stand together.

Share your story of how it got bluer for you at ItGetsBluer.com now.

Thanks for being a California Democrat.

It Gets Bluer [Email via Tommmcatt]

Lots of cranky olds and meth in the Inland Empire… based on my trip out there.

The Smurfs picture got me thinking… have there been any really good live-action/animated movies since Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: I’ve been meaning to see that (I have a bit of a girl crush on Amy Adams). Are any of the main characters animated? I seem to recall seeing a clip with animated birds a la Snow White/Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Don’t tell Benedick, but I really like the Central Park production number.

Speaking of bands of sexually repressed critters, Ol’ Frothy Mix is at it again. I’d love to see his constitutional justification for MY DICK somehow suppressing his “religious freedom”…

@mellbell: Toon-human interaction? Anything with ___________ (insert cheap shot) in it.

@mellbell: I don’t want to wreck it for you. Incidentally, the animated scenes in the film were worked on by Mr. Catt, in my living room, during a brief layoff from the mouse.

ADD: Incidentally, the Animation community has been abuzz about a Roger Rabbit sequel.

@nojo: It’s okay, honey, I know. I really does get better.

@al2o3cr: Doubling -down on the anti-gay stuff that has made him unelectable and a joke.

Heh. He is a clown, a clown, a clown.

Jr. says Enchanted counts, and it was pretty good. He liked Space Jam. I hated Space Jam, but I was forced to watch it daily, so, yeah.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Jr. high-fived me, but I think it was meant for Mr. Catt. You and I are simply proxies.


OMG! My kid just saw a box for some “super kegel” exercise thing, belonging to his great grand aunt (I have no idea how those greats work), anyway, we’re like AT HER HOUSE, and he HOLLERS, “KEGELS! Aren’t those those things that…”

Me (hissed through teeth): Yes, and they help you hold your pee. Shut up, will you?

Jr.: But. Wut?

Me: Is Aunt [redacted] around? Did she hear you?

Jr.: I don’t know.

Kill. The. Boy.

DUDE! The Rent’s Too Damn High guy lost his apartment.

@redmanlaw: Pure poetry:

…I went downtown to look for a job
I had no training, no experience to speak of.
I looked at the holes in my jeans
And turned and headed back…

@nojo: What am I, the Musical Theatre nazi?

Why yes, I think I am.

@Benedick HRH KFC: I’m trying to picture you in Springtime for Hitler.

add: Nope, not working. Must be a failure of my imagination. Now Michelle Bachmann or Mr. Frothy would work.

@JNOV: Sport TJ: Holy fucking fuck! Fuckity fuck! Talk about a fight between the SF Smokers and the Phillies – Eli Whiteside (Giants catcher) did a good job trying to stop that punk Vitorino from attacking the Giants pitcher but holy fuckity fuck – the benches were cleared on both sides.

Sucks that the Giants are still losing but that was cathartic.

@SanFranLefty: I’ll try to catch it on Beisbol Tonight on ESPN after I’m done grooving on my new Sonny Rollins album.

@SanFranLefty: Benches cleared but not so much a brawl as a mosh pit. That’s the problem with overpaid players – too risky to actually duke it out.

Timmy was probably kicking back with his vaporizer saying “yo, chill, its just a game, man.”

@SanFranLefty and Nabisco: Okay — that was the most pitiful “fight” I’ve ever seen. I think they got bored or wanted to stretch their legs or get on TV or something. Victorino didn’t charge the mound; he ambled toward it while wiping his nose. Silly people.

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