The Sheriff’s a N…

In these tough economic times, and as a public service, Fox Nation would like to remind you that the man currently occupying the White House is a nigger who hangs out with other niggers:

With a long history of racist garbage emanating from its on screen personalities, it quite frankly boggles the mind that this network is treated as a respectable organ of information, rather than the propaganda arm of the Ku Klux Klan that, time and time again, it shows itself to be.

(Via Crooks and Liars)


dumFux Nooz also would like to politely inform you that President Barack HUSSEIN Obamar was recently observed in the Presidential Limo, rolling down the street, smoking menthols and sippin’ on gin ‘n juice. Laid back, with his mind on his munnie and his munnie on his mind.

All this needed was a “Where the White Women at?”

@ManchuCandidate: OR some booty-shakin’ ho’s. Can’t really have a racist political ad without booty shakin’ ho’s.

And the FOX News website is nothing if not a racist political advertisement…

@¡Andrew!: Or you can find him in da club, bottle fulla bud, Andrew, he got what you need if ya need to feel a buzz…

given a choice, a vast majority of americans would rather attend the hip hop bbq instead of a teabagger sit in with fox luminaries. i hope they keep posting shit like that. charles barkley is one cool dude. me and a friend hung out with him for about half an hour at a UT/auburn football game. my friend was heading over to our tailgate deal and barkley told him to “walk with me brother” because he and barkley were the only darker faces in a sea of lily white and orange, i guess. he drank a beer with us and talked knoxville up saying he had enjoyed coming here since his college days. my mom didn’t know who he was. barkley was way more impressed with her being honest about that and still inviting him in than with the hero worship and crowd he soon attracted. he apologized for the crowd he drew swamping our tailgate and said he had to leave. dad gave him a beer for the road.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: If you follow the Doomer sites, their advice is to pay off (or default on) all your debts, and then get off the grid pronto. Get paid in cash for all work done, invest in barter assets (tools, seeds, water, medicine, ammunition, etc.), so you’ll be sittin’ priddy when society takes a final tailspin and traditional assets like cash, stocks, and bonds become worthless. In this scenario, you’re theoretically self-sufficient (a fantasy of course) so layoffs are irrelevant. Just some light bedtime reading.

@¡Andrew!: Went to the bank to barter bullets for cash. For once I got people to see things my way.

Now that he’s got him some Seagram’s gin everybody’s got their cups out–but they ain’t chipped in. Now he’s talkin’ shit–happens all the time–“you’re gonna get yours before I’m gonna get mine.”

Later on that day, his hommie Dr. Dre came through with a gang of Tanqueray. When he busts his nut, he’s ragin’… to bust a cop.

@¡Andrew!: Best experienced on Dre’s $300 Beat headphones.

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