Rebekah Brooks, Murdoch Lackey, Arrested

Wait, is that an image of John Evrett Millais’ Ophelia that we’ve posted in announcing the arrest of Rupert Murdoch lackey Rebekah Brooks? Our bad. We thought it was portrait of the former News of the World editor relaxing at the local hot-springs. We certainly didn’t mean to imply that Ms. Brooks should bring any harm to herself now that it is becoming clearer by the day that she headed up what can only be described as a criminal enterprise in journalistic guise. And at any rate, it would certainly be premature for the henchwoman to drown herself while the criminal mastermind still walks the earth. And we suspect he will, for some time yet. As long as somebody, somewhere, is still practicing honest journalism, as long as an independent newspaper still rolls off the presses, Murdoch’s voracious appetites will remain unsated.

And when Rupert Murdoch saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no proud journalistic institutions left to debase and destroy.


And the antipode to this story: World Cup (Wimmins’ Edition) is 15 minutes off.

It just keeps getting worse for Rupie. Couldn’t happen to a nicer man.

@chicago bureau: That would explain the crowds gathering at Shakespeare’s. The pub quiz isn’t until tonight.

The woman who posed for that painting caught a chill from lying in a cold bath hour after hour and DIED.

London’s police commish resigned due to his ties to the News Of the World scandal.

So I’m watching the wimmens kicking ass (I think 2-1 qualifies as kicking ass in soccer) and it is exciting as all get out, but I want to be sure that I have invested the last three hours wisely…

It is tradition, is it not, that if the wimmen win it all, they all fall to their knees and rip their clothes off.


Congratulations to a Japanese team that showed what a never say die attitude is really all about. The US team that was ranked #1 in the world and playing some of the finest soccer of the entire tournament couldn’t put them away. Fantastic game by both teams and today the best team wasn’t from the US. Life goes on.

@Dave H: I can only hope that Chez Lefty has a good supply of liquor on hand. She’s taping the game.

@libertarian tool: Yes, the winning team has a huge make-out session on the field and the losing team’s captain gets naked and invites the winning team’s captain to sit on her face and sing her team’s national anthem.

Ancient tradition in the sport.

@Dodgerblue: My reaction as I watched the denouement was “poor U.S. team….poor Lefty!”

@Dodgerblue: @flippin eck: Ahh, thanks, kids. Miraculously, nobody ruined the result for me. After my wimmenz team lost a hard-fought game in Shallow Alto (and I got sunburned due to spacing on sunblock), I got home in time for the replay of the game on ESPN. All phones, computers, etc. were turned off. I could not have been happier to have lost to Japan – they played with great class, composure, respect for the game, and spirit. The Americans were sloppy at times – especially the left fullback who left that side of the field wide open – and the disaster during PKs really indicated they were falling apart. I’m just stoked the drama queen Brazilians and French weren’t the ones we were playing in the finals – and that the Japanese women weren’t diving every 30 seconds. That country so needed it. I have a sad for Abby Wambaugh for playing on the national team for 10 years and never getting a World Cup victory, but maybe it was karma punishing her for her atrocious Justin Bieber hairdo. And Hope Solo has a great career as a supermodel ahead of her, IMHO.

There was other sports news on Sunday, although the news may cause some to question whether golf is actually a sport. My disappointment in the USA loss in the Finals was more than made up by watching Darren Clarke win The Open.

It is probably a reach to call someone who has made millions playing golf an “everyman”. Still, it was great watching a grey-haired, beer-bellied, cigar-chomping golfer crowned Champion Golfer of the year. Once again, age and guile triumphed over youth, innocence, and a bad haircut (I’m looking at you Rickie Fowler).

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