Margaret Drabble Shocker!

Rebekah Brooks gives herself up to the police and Margaret Drabble admits to having middle-class friends!

The prime minister is hopelessly comprised (even worse than before) and so is Scotland Yard!


I doubt the PM will survive this.

If you click through any of the links you might want to check out the comments.

I’d like to see this land on North American shores… oh what fun it would be.

WTF is going on over there? Will HRH abdicate?

@Dodgerblue: This is a huge new development.

I really don’t see how Cameron can survive but we’ll see. Isn’t it extraordinary to see the kind of terror they all lived under? You know who else was an editor at New of the W? Piers Morgan.

And of course now there’s a conspiracy theory that Brooks was arrested to limit the MPs questioning on Tuesday.

@Benedick HRH KFC: News reports say that Rebekah has been questioned by the police for 12 hours.

In other news, Gawker and others are reporting rumors that Michelle Bachmann’s hubby is gay. One can only hope.

@Dodgerblue: You haven’t seen him or heard him? He’s what used to be known in the business s a big old queen.

The Drabble piece is hilarious in its serene self satisfaction but it does articulate, albeit unconsciously, some of the class issues that surround the case. The News of t W and the Sun were/are working class papers. Their readership loved it when it was pols and slebs getting trashed. They even liked the no-holds barred way the stories were gathered. Remember Charles’s immortal “I want to be your tampon” to Camilla. People loved it and thought it funny and found the piratical methods admirable in their way. The papers were seen to be sticking it to the rich and privileged. If they’d ben hacking Jude Law’s phone (they were) it would have been more of the same. Everything changed with the girl who was murdered who came from a working-class background and whose parents were obviously traumatized by Brooks’s actions..

@Benedick HRH KFC: Drabble’s best work is the Oxford Companion to English Literature. Her novels are, for me, unreadable.
It was obvious that what just killed her was that upstart colonial’s usurpation of the great Times. I lurved it when she went off on the “after all, he just an Aussie” track. You could tell when she said “Parliament” should save the day, she meant the House of Lords.

in the wish it was me dept; let me recite the immortal words of rosie o’donnell, when she approached rupert murdoch at a media luncheon: BLOW ME.

@Mistress Cynica: Couldn’t agree more about the novels. Don’t know the Companion. I love it when she gets into the foreigners are not like us routine. Ditto the boast of never having read the Sun.

BTW. Do you know Ivy Compton Burnett’s novels? I love them. The new bio of Forster is also very good.

@baked: Good for her. It would seem that the first person who dared go into print with this stuff was Hugh Grant. Ain’t that a pisser?

@Benedick HRH KFC:
Wow. I clicked through and discovered the Brits have something called a “Serious Fraud Office.” As opposed to “Frivolous Fraud Office”?

@Dodgerblue: Umm, he runs an “I’m going to get on my knees and pray the gay out of you, hot boy” summer camp (sucking down federal Medicaid monniez, naturalmente).

You know what’s a shocker? Finding out the town I’m in tonight does not sell alcohol on Sundays, that’s what.

I guess it’s my own fault. My journalism claim to fame comes from writing about what a Indian reservation bordertown shit hole this was/is and how the local power structure was built on selling cheap ass fortified wine to the homies off the rez, plus related stories. The legislature passed a law allowing the town to vote on Sunday sales about 20 years ago – it’s still in place. Last time I was here I saw the federally funded detox center then-Congressman Bill Richardson got the money for. All that and I can’t get a martini here on a Sunday night.

WRT The Game, Wambach said last week that no cup = failure. SHe probably agrees with the old line about the Olympics: “What do you call the silver medal winner? The loser.”

@SpongeBobtheBuilder: It’s down the hall from the Ministry of Silly Walks.

@Dodgerblue: And there is this video purporting to be the Bachmann’s that I find totally reprehensible as it flies in the face of all that’s decent. Though if you think of it as Michele and Marcus it does kinda make sense.

@Dodgerblue: Perhaps some enterprising journalist should hack his phone and out the guy.

@libertarian tool: His alleged partners are probably calling The Enquirer now.

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