Don’t Let the Bus Hit You as I Throw You Under It

In yet another victory for the plutocracy that controls both political parties, President Barack Obama has decided not to back Elizabeth Warren as director of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which opens on Thursday, according to sources who were briefed on the subject.  Warren is reviled by Wall Street and Republicans for having the audacity of speaking up for the little people getting shafted by shady mortgages and credit card companies, and for her ability to speak cogently to people across the country.  The bankruptcy and tax law professor at Harvard has been a longtime advocate of consumers’ rights, and was the person who conceived of and led the creation of the new bureau.


In favor of whom? Bullwinkle J. Moose?

Two split infinitives? You really are upset. ;->
I was furious when I saw this.

Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! This is just like what happened to Dawn Johnsen (a Bloomingtonian). She and her family were left in limbo for over a year while the effing Republicans blocked her confirmation, and at last Obama abandoned her, too.

Just got about a third of the way through Glenn Greenwald’s article about Johnsen and became too furious to go on. Power corrupts, and surrounding yourself with Wall Street insiders will certainly do little to retard the rot.

Jeffrey Immelt appears to have plenty of free time.

@Mistress Cynica: I was furious! I am furious! Not that Warren doesn’t have awesome people working for her, and I certainly hope that one of them gets the nod instead, but gahdammit, I want a Unicorn with a spine!
/scurries off to correct the grammar abominations

@lynnlightfoot: Or Goodwin Liu. I’ve met Johnsen. She’s good people. (And has a passing resemblance to Warren).

@SanFranLefty: Yeah, Liu got hosed also.

I’m off to drive to a wedding through Carmageddon, which has piffled out into nothing. The bride is 60, it’s her second wedding, she’s got two adult children, and she’s going to wear a full-on white wedding gown. I suppose some would frown on the gown thing, but I say WTF, do what you want.

I been aware for a long time that Warren wouldn’t be made director. I don’t understand why people think this is a surprise.

@Mistress Cynica: You can exhale now. The split infinitives are repaired.

@SanFranLefty: Thank you, dear. I was worried, seeing you lose control like that.

@Mistress Cynica: Thank you for the smelling salts. One must keep some sort of composure while screaming “Fuckety fuck mother fucker.”

I’ve never paid that much attention to this new ministry, though I wondered what authority it would have that is not already held by the OCC and the Fed to regulate mortgage instruments, for example. I really don’t care who gets rid of negative amortization mortgages and exploding ARMs. They just have to fucking go.

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