Republican Bald Faced Lie of the Day

We’ve been down this road before, and Republicans will not go down it again. In 1990, Congress and the President struck a deficit reduction deal that combined spending cuts with tax increases. Unfortunately, while the tax hikes remained, the spending restraint did not, and our debt has only marched higher.

Republican Senator, Orrin Hatch


Apparently, being a Republican means you can re-write history any which way you please, and not be called out on it. This morning, as I watched CNN, the 24 Hour News network ran a segment on President Obama’s call for a debt limit/long term budget compromise position that would involve spending cuts and tax increases at a ratio of about 5 to 1. CNN then quoted Hatch above, but for some reason saw no need to point out that Hatch’s statement is a bald faced lie, seemingly suggesting that the Clinton era tax increases (which left the nation with a $200+ billion surplus when the Democratic president left office) are still with us today, when in fact they were undone by his Republican successor, President Bush, who pushed through massive tax cuts that immediately plunged the nation into deficit. Hatch is correct that massive spending increases also followed, but conveniently fails to note that the spending increases, too,  were the result of Republican policies, such as unnecessary wars and a poorly conceived prescription drug benefit for seniors that was not balanced by either tax increases or spending cuts and which specifically excluded the government from using its purchasing power to negotiate better drug prices.


I think it’s amusing that the GOPers justifications are unraveling and they’re reduced to telling lies or mumbling at the behest of their Koch-etteeers and Wall St.

@ManchuCandidate: When have they ever not told lies or mumbled at the best of their Koch-etteeers and Wall St.?

The only thing keeping Republican justifications from publicly unraveling has been media support, but the media has discovered they’re about to lose some skin so their enthusiasm for GOP kabuki is waning.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut:
But they used to be clever lies… clever enough to slide past the brain dead MSM.

Now they’re just stupid ones.

“Party before country” should be the GOPer motto.

OT/ Murdoch mess gets messier. Apparently Scotland Yard did not investigate and withheld information on 4000 cases of phone hacking at the same time Murdoch insiders were acting as “media consultants” to Scotland Yard and wining/dining Scotland Yard top officials.


@ManchuCandidate: No, the lies didn’t slide past the MSM, they were easy for the MSM to present as the truth. Now the rubber is hitting the road, however, and it’s no longer possible to ignore the fact that Republicans have the car headed toward a very high cliff and Republicans cut the brakes.

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