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  • “I just became the mayor of the Vatican on @foursquare!”

  • Pope Burns Himself at Stake After Using Magical Device
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  • Bless Me, Father, for iSinned
  • Apple Announces Replacement for Justin Long
  • All Good Fail Whales Go to Heaven
  • Anthony Weiner Gains New Follower
  • “Relationship Status: It’s Complicated”
The Pope Tweets for First Time [NBC Washington]

“Where those Brazilian dancers at?”

TJ: Y’obama sez the right words re increasing taxes on the rich. Follow-through TBD.

@IanJ: 1% more for all net income over $250,000 and another 1% for all net income over $500,000 would probably payoff the budget deficit after removing oil company subsidies and getting completely out of afghanistan and iraq. how easy is that to figure out?

and speaking of subsidies, has anybody seen michelle bachmann hem and haw about farm subsidies?

@IanJ: And I fully expect the Tooth Fairy to fly out of my butt at some point in the next year. Let’s see which happens first.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Pretty much. Good words, Mr. Prez, but the follow-through is all that matters.

May I be the first to comment of the all-around excellence of Fearless Leader’s iJokes.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Right?

Sorry Manchu, but the judges have decided to revoke your win after reviewing the alt text.

Nojo owns the internet today.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Yes, well, I cheat. I get to spend three hours dwelling on it, just so a Facebook reference can come to mind at the last minute.

Why is there an ad for websites for Christian ministries on this site all of a sudden? Is it the reference to Papa Rat?

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