Dickatis Personae

Dick Role
Anthony Weiner Launched the Battle of the Bulge.
Andrew Breitbart After proclaiming to take the high road,
showed the Cock Shot to Opie & Anthony.
“Dan Wolfe” Discovered the Dick Tweet;
disappeared after his own past turned out
less than upstanding.

Fox News Stalked Delaware teenager
to get money shot of cops pulling up
to ask questions.
Republicans Piling on Weiner
while ignoring Ensign and Vitter.
Democrats Those still defending Weiner are shocked!
that America would care about a Dick Tweet.
Americans The French piss on our laughable Puritanism from a considerable height.
God Failed to equip humans with

I think amputation of the priapic member might be the only way this scandal dies.

Your completely random factoid for the day: Breitbart means “wide beard” in German.

Anyone know the German word for “penis envy”?

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