Comparative Dickitude

As America enjoyed its Weinergate Money Shot yesterday afternoon, a curious trend emerged in our Twitter stream: Liberal Defensiveness.

“What about the lying-to-get-us-into-war story?” asked Harry Shearer. “But we still have Clarence Thomas bribery,” observed Steve Weinstein. “Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush, Alberto Gonzalez, & John Yoo and Jay Bybee, when they okayed & ordered torture? Fully erect,” snarked LitBrit. “I don’t remember Weiner campaigning as a Conservative Christian without faults. Newt did though,” observed Anomaly100. “Weiner has been identified for sending topless pics of himself, just like Bush was identified for killing thousands and ruining the economy,” grumbled TLW3.

All of which is true.

And none of which matters.

Look, folks: A Member of Congress tweeted his Congressional Member. Last we checked, in These United States that’s grounds for merciless ridicule. Period. Full stop. No excuses.

Remember the glorious summer of cigars, blue dresses, and “that woman”? Was it worth an impeachment? No, of course not, although that provided its own perverse entertainment. But was it worth thirteen years of unrelenting go-to gags? Damn straight. And who among us can resist the connection that Bubba presided at Weiner’s wedding?

Okay, maybe you can. But if AARP offered a magazine called Modern Immaturity, we’d be a charter subscriber.

It doesn’t matter if Weiner is one of the Good Guys. It doesn’t matter if he plays on Our Team. It doesn’t matter if [insert Republican here] got away with much worse.

All that matters is this: Anthony Weiner tweeted his dick.

And, for one brief, shining moment, we are united as a nation of thirteen-year-olds.


Anthony Weiner legitimized that lying scumbag Andrew Breitbart. It’s like the National Enquirer: no matter how much bullshit they publish, news analysts will always note “Of course the Enquirer was right about the Edwards affair.” And so now, no matter how much bullshit Breitbart continues to peddle, news analysts will always note “Of course Breitbart broke the story of Anthony Weiner’s dirty twitter picture.”

A public official shouldn’t be e-mailing strangers pictures of his cock… not unless he’s a complete idiot. Failing that, Weiner should have come clean from the beginnig. These facts alone erase at least half the goodwill I had toward Weiner.

I’d give it about four diapers based on current knowledge. But I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop – given how well known it was in DC about his general skeeviness and eagerness to hit on women, including college interns, I’m waiting for
(1) an announcement that he was sending dick photos to 14 year olds; and/or
(2) an announcement he was sending dick photos to 14 year olds played by FBI agents or law enforcement; and/or
(3) either:
(a) an announcement of his arrest for trying to meet said-14-year-olds in (1) or (2) or
(b) possession of naughty photos of 14-year-olds from category (1) or (2).

I have a feeling that this story isn’t over yet, so I’m not ready to give a final diaper score yet.

What if it was discovered that Meagan Broussard, or any of the other woman who allegedly received intimate tweets from that wiener, was paid or part of a planned sting? It doesn’t mitigate what he did, but what if?

@SanFranLefty: Yep. The other diaper is about to drop.

facebook, twitter and/or any other such venue to publicize personal info can never help. i’ve never understood such silliness. you got something personal you feel proud about, call up someone who cares and tell them. only a fool broadcasts personal info to the whole wide world. bill collectors, divorce attorneys, and of course personal and political opponents love this kinda stuff. the intelligent folks seated at the table of logic lost a strong proponent and advocate (he will end up out of office for this shit) because weiner had to act like a fool posting pictures of his cock on social media. now the backwards fools on the right will be able to attack the credibility of progressive policies because dumbass did what he did. just like slick willie and lewinski. had slick not had to fuck all those chicks, gore would have won handily in 2000. there would be no george w bush presidency, no war in iraq, no recession, and so forth and so on. doing stupid shit like this only enables fools like bitchbrat, fox news, teabaggers, and the whole regressive movement. thanks a lot weiner.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Pretty well known on the Hill. He wasn’t as bad as Harold Ford, Jr.

Weiner got pretty pissed off at the Vanity Fair author who wrote this article in 2001 about his cheesy pick-up lines and tracking down the email of an intern he met at a bar.

sorry to go on and on but this shit pisses me off. the damn teapublican’ts are trying to take this country back to the 19th century. we need every vote possible in the house and senate to defeat these morons and one of our most vocal and strident voices fucks up bad. whoever runs the democrat party and caucuses in both houses needs to go football coach on all office holders. no more facebook or twitter until you folks figure out how to use both. no more fucking around on your wife. i didn’t say husband because the women office holders don’t fuck up this way. that is a fact. tell one fucking lie or do something stupid that hurts the team, you’re off the team. you can go be an independent like that fool lieberman. what is at stake here in this battle with the teapublican’ts is way too important for some dumbass to fuck up over selfish, childish desires and ego. you can’t hold your self to strict discipline and rules in your personal life, hit the fucking road and don’t come back. we can’t give the right wing nuts any ammunition by fucking up personally or morally. ever. how fucking hard is that to figure out?

@SanFranLefty: I was at a fundraiser the other night at which actor Owen Wilson was also an attendee. A very attractive female co-worker of mine told me that she once met him in a bar and his pickup line was “Want to come home and fuck me?”

@Dodgerblue: I thought that was Adrian Grenier’s pickup line. Maybe it gets around.

@jwmcsame: I’m hoping that Nancy will knock some heads together and decree exactly that.

Breaking firm, from Politico: Rep. Anthony Weiner encouraged a porn star to lie about their on-line relationship and offered her the help of his public relations team, according to a report on Tuesday.

Read more:

@jwmcsame: Weiner managed to drown out Paul Revere. That’s unforgivable.

@Dodgerblue: If he has a public relations team he should get a new one.

Oh. And I have a twitter account too. I just don’t know how to use it.

@SanFranLefty: No one ever tells me anything.

@Dodgerblue: It’s actually a TMZ scoop, which tells you where this is heading the next few days.

Here’s a guy who lives up to his name.

@Benedick HRH KFC: I use Twitter to keep up on enviro news and Sport. I tweet occasionally, almost always on some enviro-related item. Look for TeamAir — that’s me.

@nojo: TMZ + porn star = sad Weiner.

@nojo: no shit. he out fucked up palin.
how bad is that?

about two years ago, a florida gator football player got caught using a credit card that belonged to a team mates dead girlfriend. the team mate and girlfriend had just died in a motorcycle accident. that proved that the tennessee vol football team was much better than the much hated gators….until 3 of our players pulled a gun on two students in a convenience store parking lot and stole the students cheeseburgers the very next weekend.

@jwmcsame: Preach, brother/sister. With all the shit that’s going on now with the budget and the need for someone who can stand up to the Republicans and call them on their bullshit, I can’t believe he’s fucked up like this. Not just the stupidity of the social media thing, but the LYING. Will they never, ever learn that lying only makes it worse? As Benedick HRH KFC so rightly points out, he needs new PR people. Anyone competent would have made him ‘fess up immediately, cry, say he needed professional help, and check into rehab for sex addiction. Then we could have gone straight to BS “experts’ talking about internet sex addiction and moved on. But no, he has to lie, making it impossible for his colleagues or constituents to trust him. Fuckwit.

One reason Weiner’s going to have difficulty staying in office and ever being relevant again is because he’s not well liked, even in his own party. He’s viewed, if you’ll pardon the expression, as kind of a dick. And now he’s proven himself to by a lying dick. Not gonna end well for him. THe Dems will cut him loose because they can’t afford to have him drag everyone down. Vitter, et al. stayed in office because their party rallied round. NOt gonna happen for Anthony.

@Dodgerblue: @nojo: As this PAN entry and my own bizarre experience yesterday (see: Faces, Book of) seem to bear out, the non-celebrity menfolk seem to love trying the tactic of a mild or outright insult to get attention. Because on top of feeling harrassed or annoyed when men try to hit on you, god forbid you might also feel flattered. To those of you who have been out of “the scene” and partnered for a while, thank your f*cking lucky stars.

@Benedick HRH KFC: You can ghost write for mine if you have time: It’s got like 41,000 followers now. I know enough about it to post stuff.

@texrednface: Theoretically, it would take the stink out of the story, if she were the only one. Two problems. Weiner was whacking off all over the Internet, people’s lawns, the parking lots of Washington-DC-area WalMarts and could be seen all over town wriggling his tongue at internettes. Secondly, the Democratic machine has nowhere near the wherewithal to fund the kind of noise machine the psychoconservative right has – and given the fact that Weiner was kind of an embarrassingly ham-fisted partisan, not a great deal of will to defend him in the first place on such a relatively thin mitigating factor. It was clear that Spitzer had been stalked and Justice used selectively to attack him, using a money laundering detecting scheme to provide a hook for the case but it didn’t slow the program of elimination that was organized against him or inspire the DNC to defend him.

@Dodgerblue: Are you fighting any of the mother frackers in the natural gas cabals? They’re already fracking here in parts of rocky top and will pick up the pace as soon as all the well water in Pennsylvania is flammable. But on the bright side maybe those chemicals will neutralize the nuke contaminants from Oak Ridge or vice-versa. I think cheney and t boone pickens said it would

@jwmcsame: Yes, we’re in the fracking fight.

@Dodgerblue & @flippin eck: I had a rather rude and unattractive guy try the “wanna fuck?” line on me at a bar once. My reply: “Maybe if you were taller… and better looking.”

@FlyingChainSaw: How come the Democratic machine doesn’t have the “wherewithal”. Do you mean the money or the fortitude? Wheres the left’s Lee Atwater or Karl Rove?
There are plenty of stinky dirty democrats that know where the bodies are buried.It’s time to get down in dirty in a smart bomb way.

@SanFranLefty: Or just a guy. If he sent even one to a guy that would trump everything. We’d lose 2012 over it.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: “…that would trump everything”. maybe weiner should send a picture of his cock to donalds rump. the way rump is, you know he would send a picture of his own (or some one else’s if necessary) back to weiner to prove who is bigger. that would get donalds rump out of the 2012 race for good.

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