All Weiner, All the Time

So, we were thinking the other day, this “scandal” doesn’t really work unless there’s a pattern of naughty behavior…

  • Big Government: “Déjà Vu: Another Congressman Bares Naked Torso (and More) for Online Pal”
  • Radar: “Weinergate Grows: Another Woman Provides Sex Messages From His Account”
  • Capital Tonight: “Rep. Anthony Weiner’s office appears to be on lockdown in the wake of new reports of his exchanging of explicit on-line communications with a woman who is not his wife.”

We don’t have the time to read through the barrage of purported exposés, but if they turn up true, that explains Weiner’s noncommittal remarks about the Mysterious Package.

Update: Weiner confesses…

At a news conference, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) admits that “the picture was of me, and I sent it.”

He also admitted to inappropriate “communications” with at least six other women he claims he never met and suggested he may have sent X-rated photos.

Weiner says he will not resign from office.

Weiner Admits Lying About Photos [Political Wire]

First the shirtless idiot on Craigslist and now this? A proud day for my state.

Oh, for fuck’s sake. Can’t men think about anything but their weiner? No wonder everything’s such a mess.

@blogenfreude: It’s looking like we have to call it for Breitbart. Can’t wait to see how the Weiner defenders deal with this.

@Mistress Cynica: Metal. Trout fishing. Recreational shooting. Family. Work. History. Tradition. Stinque. Facebook. Gawker. io9. My friends. Drought and climate change. Forest fires.

I actually got sick on a hot dog over the weekend. It was a jumbo Nathan’s and I just felt like I had a sea of grease in my stomach, but it also have been a 24 hr stomach virus. Saturday kind of sucked (I still managed to dig a few post holes), but not as bad as Sunday when I spent 13 hrs working on a 300 page tribal code for a presentation tomorrow. I needed two big fat martinis to come down after that gig, which left my brain dead and eyes pulsating.

That sound you heard was cannons being fired from the Daily Show studio.

Anthony Weiner is 46 so–if these hawt hawt pix are for real real–can we just pause for a moment and say daaaaaaaaaaaang. Maybe Men’s Health could feature his workout tips. He’d be a helluva lot more palatable than Aaron “Cock Therapy” Schock.

So availing oneself of the services of a prostitute is not offensive enough that a senator has to step down but “sexting” between consenting adults is?

If Weiner steps down, he will prove himself a bigger fool than he already seems for having sent pics in the first place.

@nojo: yeah … and I won’t watch the press conference … sick and tired of this nonsense from politicians. From Favre I expect this – not from a congressman.

And aren’t you all grateful it wasn’t Jerrold Nadler?

@Mistress Cynica: Depends a lot on the man. Some can, some can’t. Not necessarily a problem either; I think we all aspire to grow up to be Benedick HRH KFC.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: I don’t have time to hunt down the references, but apparently Weiner has been less than kind to Clarence Thomas. The circumstances aren’t directly comparable, but it does put us in the parking lot of the Hypocrisy Ballpark.

He’s sniffing an awful lot in this presser, which makes me wonder whether he was crying or snorting coke before he came out.

ETA: And as soon as I typed that, he said he’s never done drugs.

Post updated with presser confession. Anthony is a Very Naughty Boy.


Andrew Breitbart, personally in attendance at Rep. Anthony Weiner’s press conference, just took to the stage, grabbed the mic and held forth to the assembled media. This was before Weiner took the stage.

@nojo: Can we get a screen shot?

Post updated with presser confession. Anthony is a Very Naughty Boy.

I was ready to believe that his Twitter account had been hacked until he could not say definitively if the photo was of him or not. [to the tune of “Brick House”] He’s a diiiiick, head . . .

Bastard. Really, I could smack him upside the head with a two-by-four, not for moral transgressions, but for being unforgivably STUPID. He actually had a chance to be an effective progressive voice but fuckwit had to go sending dirty texts and pics like a horny 16 yr old. Dis-fucking-gusting. What’s next–nude shots of Bernie Sanders?
I. Give. Up.

@¡Andrew!: No Good Wife at the podium, from what I’ve seen.

@Mistress Cynica: Get ready for shots of Bernie stepping out of his Dodge Stratus without pants or undies.

Maybe the tabs will splash a big star and an “OOPS!” over his $#@! ala Britney Spears.

@nojo: She’s on the phone to Jenny Sanford, getting divorce attorney recommendations.

@¡Andrew!: Bernie’s fb page posted pics of him attending the “2011 Strolling of the Heifers” and my first thought was “Great. Bestiality. That’s all we need.”

@nojo: He said she was at work and that she knew about some of the sexting, some of which began before they were married. But he said she didn’t know about all of it.

I suspect the ‘second woman’ is a man. Smells like entrapment to me. And stupidity. What the hell does anyone over 30 need a twitter account for anyway?

@Benedick HRH KFC: I have one, but I didn’t know until this incident that you could post photos to it.

Apparently somebody as the presser asked “Were you fully erect?”

@Mistress Cynica: I agree with your point that this takes him out of the game, at least for a while, as someone on our side who took the fight to the bad guys in his media appearances.

Maybe he could have kept it under control by stating at the onset “yeah, it’s mine, so what? But the real wrong here is what John Boner and the Republicans are doing to our seniors and our hard working American families, etc. Every second we talk about this takes away from the debate on the state of the country. For example, did you know that . . . ”

@nojo: Like my friend said, we got out at the right time, although that would have been fun to do to a Republican.

And, btw, the Member’s issue was the opening joke at the top of the hour for the third rate afternoon hacks at the sports talk radio station in Albuquerque.

@Mistress Cynica: Photos of Bernie Sanders behind a cow with his pants around his ankles, tongue lolling in the breeze and eyes bugged out while cow moos in terror and despair.

I’m eagerly awaiting the chorus of right-wing loons insisting that this is TEH TERRIBLE compared to the whoremongering, diaper-wearing, and mistress-bribing their people get up to…

@nojo: More like “screamed it repeatedly.” I assume it was Breitbart even though he probably already knows because he has the picture.

What I find amazing is, post-Spitzer, that anyone in Congress to the left of Julius Streicher doesn’t assume he or she has a small army of PIs, thinktank-paid psuedo journalists watching every move, every transaction and every communication with an eye to use it to destroy him, 24 by 7, 365.

Fucking twit.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Countdown to PHX stinqueup: T minus 75 hours.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Weigel sez it was “Benjy from the Stern show”.

Meanwhile, whatever Apple announced this morning, it’s buried by the fun news.

@nojo: Bye bye MobileMe! Wonder if people will get a refund.

@Mistress Cynica: I think his bigger transgression is lending credibility to that dickwad extraordinaire Andrew Breitbart.

Given that Vitter’s ultimately acknowledged activities with prostitutes and utter lack of impact, I don’t see why you would think this should have a lasting impact on Weiner.

@nojo: The only “unkindness” I am aware of from Weiner toward Clarence Thomas is with respect to his lack of financial reporting.

I will bet a beer that Anthony got lots and lots of provocative emails from 16-year old girls who happened to be 50-year old PIs.

I wonder if the one he responded to was on the payroll of one of these psychoconservative outfits. If so, this case will look a lot like the one that formed around Spitzer.

@JNOV knows Sport: All subscriptions are being extended to June 2012, meanwhile everything merges with iCloud. Then Mobile Me will be no more. I just got an email. iFucked.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: I was convinced it was all a scam. I feel badly for and his wife. But what a twit.

@Benedick HRH KFC: What’s a Mobile Me? (Not an apple guy.)

It’s such reckless behavior I wonder if he was drunk or drugged.

Dude’s in seriously good shape, BTW.

@redmanlaw: It’s an online site where one can store files, provides email addresses, calendars, etc. You’re supposed to use it as a hub to connect all your computers wherever you go. I don’t use it much except to store backups which can be handy when traveling. Its about $99 a year and the addresses all end in .me. You can also have a personal website but it has to follow their naming patterns so it can’t be called, for example..

@redmanlaw: What Her Royal Highness said. I didn’t use the email address or any of that, but it was nice to have a cloud where my contacts and calendars synched automatically. I didn’t bother with photos or docs. If I want to access or share docs in a cloud (rare), I just use Google. I had MobileMe for one year; now I just plug the iPhone into my computer when I think about it. If I share pics, it’s through FB or email, so I don’t need a cloud for that.

What sucks about iCloud is that my non-iTunes music (most of my collection) won’t be included in the cloud for free. They want what? $25/year to be able to access that stuff? I’m not paying for it.

@¡Andrew!: Bene can send him a kawk ring. He buys them in bulk.

@redmanlaw: Woo hoo!

@JNOV knows Sport: I’m not convinced he ever had it in the first place.

@JNOV knows Sport: Oh good God. And Pelosi is calling for an ethics investigation. All we need now is for one of the women to be 14.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Psst. Watch the video, although supposedly he was in contact with an underage girl from DE. Ugh.

Daily News, July 11, 2010:

Clinton jokingly said that marrying a politician can be tough because it’s “easy to distrust them, whatever their religion,” a source told the Daily News.

The ex-Prez also praised the 45-year-old Weiner’s tenacity while courting Abedin, 34, who looked resplendent in a white Oscar de la Renta gown.

“He spoke of how they met and how she at first rejected him but that his determination would not let up,” a source said.

@nojo: she at first rejected him
Always go with that gut instinct.

@Benedick HRH KFC: The @me addresses will be carried over into iCloud. Instant document syncing and backups, too. And, for a typical user, free. (I would hit the 5 gig limit in five minutes.)

Just watched the presentation — streamed from my iPhone to my flatscreen via AppleTV. I am so geek.

@nojo: The auto document synching between computers has got me all in a tizz. I’ve been trying to find an app for that for some time. It’s like Steve can see inside my dreams! How does he do it?

Plus: Lion, people. Fucking Lion!

@Benedick HRH KFC: Dropbox. Freebee version works well for small text-based files that you need to sync regularly if not in real time like Calendars, TODO lists and Address Books. You set it up on each of your machines and it polls the files for changes and pushes out revisions to all machines when it detects file updates on one of the syndicated machines.

@¡Andrew!: Besides the constant working out, he must wax his chest and body. That takes a lot of time, too.

@FlyingChainSaw: Apple is basically offering DropBox at the system level, with automated versioning and cloud-based sync. No setup required.

Except for developers, who have to add the functionality to their programs. And when Apple says iOS5/Lion will be offered “this fall”, they mean December 21.

ADD: Er, iOS 5 is “this fall”. Lion’s in July.

@nojo: The developers I work with have unfuddle for version control as well as all the meta comment and notes and specification documents and I have no desire to have any of that stuff in someone else’s hands or to trust Apple with any personal data. The kit is fine and with VMWare provides conveniences that are otherwise only available with work on the client. The Apple philosophy of completely absorbing the customer’s informationscape is just fucking creepy, however. I am waiting for a lull to check out these cheap networked drives and set up a VPN back to the home office and just roll my own since outfits like Dropbox are developed to be sold to scummy fucking horrors like Facebook.

@FlyingChainSaw: I think “scummy fucking horrors” were the only words I understood there.

What do you think of the Google Apps that can sync everything? I just encountered it. I have to say it’s nice to not have to enter things on my iPhone and my (previously incompatible) office PC two times, not to mention to not have to carry three flash drives with me at all time.

@SanFranLefty: Because they don’t; everything is managed on the server side, not the client side so there’s nothing to get out of sync. Having one iteration of a file in one place simplifies things.

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