Douchebag of the Day: Eric Cantor

 From CBS Face The Nation, May 29, 2011:

HARRY SMITH: Let’s talk about the cutting. You meet with Vice President Joe Biden twice a week, several hours each meeting. The rumblings we’re hearing from it is that you’re actuallymaking progress. Have you really isolated a trillion dollars in– in budget deficit reductions?

REPRESENTATIVE ERIC CANTOR: Those– those talks which actually we’ve– we’ve been meeting for I think over three weeks now, they have been, I think, all po– all positive. Everything is on the table. We’ve said as Republicans we’re not going to go for tax increases. [Emphasis mine]


REPRESENTATIVE ERIC CANTOR: I think the administration gets that.


REPRESENTATIVE ERIC CANTOR: But we’ve also put everything on the table as far as cuts. And I can see, yes, we– we can accomplish well over a trillion dollars in cuts.

 This is what “everything is on the table” means to a Republican. This is what compromise means to a Republican: The revenue side of the Federal budget remains off limts, un touchable, sacrosanct so don’t even ask. But Eric Cantor and his Republican cohorts will graciously allow Democrats to participate in the process by which spending on senior citizens, the poor, our schools, our roads and other physical infrastructure, our public safety, our parks, environmental enforcement and cleanup, and our national defense is slashed and burned.

That’s compromise, Republican style.

And, no, you didn’t need to ask if Harry Smith pointed this absurdity out to Cantor. Of course he didn’t. And you knew that, without even reading the transcript.


The fiscal issues facing many nations including US America (and soon Canada City) is not that taxes are stifling productivity but rather it’s that there’s NOT enough tax revenue because rich people AREN’T PAYING THEIR share relative to their incomes.

On the other hand, the people that I know who cry the loudest for tax cuts are usually those who can’t/won’t/don’t control their own spending. Right now, if the bank of Canada City raised interest rates 3-5%, these people (and any of their descendants) would be bankrupt thanks to the ginormous amount of debt they carry.

Eric has already qualified for Douchebag of the Month for suggesting that there could be no aid to the flood- and tornado-ravages areas of the country unless they were paid for by spending cuts.

SCOTUS granted cert in City of Hazleton v. Lozano, which is the case involving local laws that prohibit renting homes to or employing undocumented immigrants. The Third Circuit and the district court had ruled the laws were superseded by federal immigration law. SCOTUS remanded the portion of the case that dealt with employment, pointing to its decision last week regarding Arizona’s law on a similar topic. That means that what will be reviewed is the law prohibiting landlords from renting to undocumented people.

@SanFranLefty: Well, that could change the sitch in my neighborhood, although the goddamn Americans are the ones who neglect their property, fight out in the street, kill each other (although we had one gentleman from another country ventilate another from his homeland in a dispute over the selection of music playing at a party – for reals), let their kids sell drugs, and leave their kids alone all day in a garage apartment (until we opened our home to them and Mrs RML got to take lice out of their hair and let the kids live with us when mom got airlifted to Phoenix for emergency treatment of a brain aneurysm probably brought on by too much speed). We had brown flight from our neighborhood public school when the middle class native Hispanics bailed in response to a boundary change that put an apartment complex popular with Mexican tenants into our district. One of the moms from there later became the PTA president after I left that position.

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