Minnesotans Hate Bachmann as Much as Alaskans Hate Palin

“Voters in Minnesota are not terribly into home state politicians Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann running for President next year. Only 28% think Pawlenty should seek the White House to 17% who think he should run for the Senate and 45% who think he shouldn’t run for anything. There’s even less interest in a Bachmann Presidential run — 14% think she should seek that office to 23% who think she should run for the Senate, 10% who think she should run for reelection to her House seat, and 47% who just want her to go away.” [Public Policy Polling, via Political Wire]


I’m going to Minneapolis later this month and will report.

Dear god, how many people did Blake Farenthold eat?

Oh joy, my Stinque mug arrived in the mail. Photo to follow.

@nojo: I dunno. Can I link to the pajama photo again?

P.S. Martini glasses? Are they an option at the Stinque-ceria?

ADD: I guess in Spanish, Stinque wouldn’t be one syllable and instead would be Steeen-kay.

@SanFranLefty: Blake was live as I tuned into the last few minutes of Lawrence yesterday. Even the Where the Wild Things Are still photo doesn’t do him justice.

We need Stinque undies. So I can tweet my peeps with my junque in da trunque.

@nojo: Benedick only wears the boxer-briefs, i.e. tighty-whities with a little leg. You could jump out of an airplane with those boxers.

@nojo: Good God. I don’t think you know what a gentleman is.

@SanFranLefty:Bikini briefs. No fly. Full back. Uh huh.

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