Carlin Calls It

George Carlin pretty much predicts the GOP’s attempts to end Medicare:


The USSR collapsed because:
1) Overspent on military
2) Did squat about the environment which ended up killing Soviet productivity and health
3) The eelight 1% and their minions sucked out most of the liquid capital
4) The eelight remained utterly dogmatic and expected the prols to espouse that nonsense despite reality.

I, um, see nothing like that at all in today’s US America.

@ManchuCandidate: Can’t resist. I try hard not to think about Republicans because it’s bad for my health. But it keeps happening anyway because they keep committing fresh outrages. Anyway, it occurred to me on Saturday that R after a Congressperson’s name stands for “Red in tooth and claw.” And this morning I found myself thinking: Republicans (like your USSR eelight) have credos rather than ideas. When a problem arises, they don’t think about it. They fumble frantically through their credo collection, trying to find one or two that might apply to said problem. Any intelligent approach to the problem that might be proposed by, say, a Democrat or other non-Republican is dismissed out of hand. It’s tainted since (a) it comes from one of the unanointed and (b) it doesn’t conform with any of the cookie cutter credos.

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