Kiss Your Democracy Goodbye

“A federal court in Alexandria, Va. on Thursday struck down a federal ban on corporate campaign contributions, in a case with potentially dramatic ramifications for a campaign finance regulatory system under siege by legal and regulatory attacks.” [Politico]


No one should be surprised by this.

Speaking of fascist assholes, FUCK GEERT WILDER.

It’s no wonder he gets along so well with our homegrown Taliban like Atlas Juggs – he doesn’t have any connection to reality *either*.

Now this is different from legalized bribery because… ?

Another district judge went the other way, which sets us up for another 5-4 fucking.

Don’t know how long this will last, but I’m glad someone told Scotty to go fuck himself.

T/J: I just read that Gil Scott-Heron died today.

I was planning on posting this one today under Majesty of the Law but I think I forgot to take the Xanax or Wellbutrin this morning so I was too verklempt.

@JNOV is rockin’ the Paradise TONIGHT: It certainly comes out the other end quicker that way.

@Dodgerblue: Been drinking to the news for the last few hours.

@flypaper: Yeah. I decided not to take a chance, and I read the package. Just because something is cured doesn’t mean it won’t give you the hershey squirts.

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