GOP Holds Grandma Hostage

“Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Friday that Medicare reform must be part of an agreement to raise the debt ceiling, despite indications that changing the entitlement will be politically unpopular.” [The Hill]


Good to see that the GOP’s managed to pick a *different* part of Blazing Saddles to imitate – the “the sheriff is a n*clang*” bit was getting tiresome. Somebody should probably tell them that the “holding yourself hostage” part was a joke, ’cause they’re really hell-bent on pulling that trigger…

Miss McConnell and the Tea Clucks Clan are barking up the wrong tree here and if they start barking up the social security tree again next, both trees may fall on them. I deal with hard core right wing folks in Kentucky and Tennessee every day. Here ’bouts, there is a much larger percentage of poor and lower middle class white voters (half the teapublican’t base) receiving social security monthly checks (disability exceeding retirement benefits), medicare and medicaid benefits than the percentage of minorities on government assistance elsewhere I will strongly wager. This fact is never mentioned by right wing “news” outlets and obviously not recognized by the sheltered and naive teapublican’t leaders. They keep fucking around like this and one day even these morons will figure out that the folks they been votin’ for are trying to destroy the only source of income and health insurance available to them other than minimum wage jobs (which they won’t work), meth, pill and pot sales. This could be the one thing that convinces these folks to abandon fox news and the teapublican’ts for greener pastures where their own self interests are at least somewhat more guarded.

Apparently someone’s forgotten those “Keep Government Out of Medicare” signs at all the rallies last year. Never fuck with the retirees–they can devote themselves full time to defeating you. Except when they’re working as greeters at Wal-Mart.

@jwmcsame: Yet somehow GranMa McConnell keeps snuckerin Kentuckians to send him back to Warshington. Along with that complete idiot Rand Paul. Those jackasses would just blink if She and Flem Paul came up and took their checks right out of their hands.

@texrednface: Warshington, that’s how they say it. You know the worst thang you can hear riding in a car a redneck is driving fast?
wartch ‘is!!

Guns are so cool and sanctified here ’bouts that nobody said shit when Flem wanted to keep the feds from asking gun dealers if they sold any guns to terrorists. I’m usually mighty hip to things, but how’d flem come to be known as flem?

I made a negative comment about Texas a while back and you didn’t go off on me for it. Thanks. Do folks out there remember how so many Tennesseans came to Texas way back when? Clint’s Outlaw Josey Wales was based on a book called Gone To Texas about unfortunate Tennesseans who migrated to the Lone Star State. The music out there is something else. Y’all got real country, not this Nashville pop shit that masquerades as country west of here. Most of those Texas bands never have to leave the state. Have you heard of Jason Boland, Ryan Bingham, Hayes Carll, Randy Rogers, The Derailers, 10,000 springs, Stoney LaRue, Charlie Robison, etc, etc?

somewhere down in texas:

@Mistress CynicaLike the walmart greeters, there’s an old feller that bags groceries at a grocery store near me that looks like he was too old for WW2. Every time I see him, I want to help him bag and take other’s groceries to their cars. It’s pitiful watching him struggle to bag groceries for some hot little momma young enough to be his great granddaughter and hauling her goods out to a big ass SUV they both need ladders to climb into. But maybe that’s why he’s there.

@jwmcsame: I’m going shooting tomorrow with a guy I know and one of his friends. Three lawyers with guns out in the desert – what could go wrong?

I guess I’ll carry five handguns and, to mark Memorial Day, one of my WWII battle rifles.

Bill Moyers, bless his heart says it like “Warshington”
Flem after Faulkner’s Flem Snopes.
The music here in Texas is something we can be proud. I like some of those Red Dirt Musicians from out of Oklahoma.

@texrednface: Growing up in Oregon, I had friends who said warsh and Warshington. Irritated the hell out of me. Almost as much as “of-ten”.

A real fascist psychopath would just issue hunting licenses for old people and be done with it.

I think it is fitting that I first learn on Yahoo news that my goobner of texssss is thinkin’ about runnin’ fer president of the county . I’m going to go warsh my brain out, now

Greetings from suburban Salt Lake City after a 12 hr roadie: So it seems that the reason my bud wanted to go shooting with me for the first time in over 10 years is to tell me of his pending divorce. Makes sense to want to look up an old friend and do some guy stuff.

@redmanlaw: Friend of mine, a high school teacher, just left his wife of 30 years to be with a former student who is now 30. Life is weird.

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