Newt’s Family Jewels

Alternate headline: The Turns of the Screwed.


1) Newt’s six-figure Tiffany’s tab provided Our Great Nation with general amusement.

2) Newt’s six-figure interest-free Tiffany’s tab raised America’s Eyebrows when we learned that The Wife was a congressional staffer while Tiffany’s lobbied her committee.

And now — drumroll, please — Turn #3:

Christy Evans, formerly a top staffer to then-whip Newt Gingrich, is a registered lobbyist for Tiffany’s, the high-end jeweler where Gingrich and his wife enjoy an extraordinary line of credit.

Evans, former floor assistant to Gingrich and now a lobbyist at the legendary K Street firm Cassidy & Associates, has represented Tiffany’s on mining issues since 2000, according to lobbying filings.

Of course, before any of this matters, somebody has to take Newt seriously.

Gingrich’s ex-aide is a Tiffany’s lobbyist [Washington Examiner, via Political Wire]

Update: Tiffany’s responds…

We had no reason to lobby the Agriculture Committee and we did not. Nor did anyone at Tiffany & Co. (or Cassidy & Associates on behalf of Tiffany) ever speak to Speaker Gingrich or Mrs. Gingrich about either of these matters…

There is nothing unusual or extraordinary about the credit extended to Speaker Gingrich. Last year, Tiffany & Co. extended credit to over 1,000 customers on identical terms.

But that’s yesterday’s news. No word yet about the lobbyist former staffer.

Tiffany: We Never Lobbied Newt or Callista [SpyTalk]

Tiffany’s didn’t raise Callista’s eyebrows.

Seriously. Stop it with the photos of this scary slut.

Oh, Callista, your eyes are following me around the room…

Tiffany’s = mining? WTF? I always thought of it as the go-to place for last-minute gifting. You’d be amazed what $23,000 can do. Srsly. I recommend it. They wrap everything nice.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Tiffany’s = mining? WTF?

Gold and diamonds don’t grow on trees.

@nojo: I know that. Dark people claw them from the earth in places we’d never go. But they’re perfectly happy. Like in the Tarzan movies. And speaking of Tarzan has anyone else noticed the uncanny resemblance between Johhny Earle and Mike Henry? Only diff is product. But I bet Johnny would so rock the Tarzan loincloth. I bet he would. He would be so dreamy. Who wouldn’t love him? Who?

2011 seems to be a Karmic whirlwind for a lot of folks.

Post updated: Tiffany’s claims innocence.

JNOV, you called Callista a “scary slut”, so like Ed Schultz, you’re banned. But only for five minutes, since it’s true. [Wink, wink.]

@ManchuCandidate: I love your comment. Is a Karmic whirlwind anything like a tornado?

Speaking of which, this tornado season is the scariest one I’ve ever experienced while living in one of the susceptible areas. 1974 was pretty scary, too, but we were living in Massachusetts then, and I only feared for relatives living in Indiana and Kentucky, not for myself. Last night was the first time we have spent time cowering in our bedroom closet (no basement), praying that we’d be spared. The overlapping TV warnings went on for hours, and the local warning sirens sounded four separate times during the evening.

@lynnlightfoot: Jesus. I was just outside and the sheet lightning looked enough like aurora borealis to freak me out. Haven’t had to resort to closets yet though it could happen. God knows I felt safe in one before.

tj/ So Mrs RML wants to know what the deal is with the outline Arial or Helvetica that they’re using over at TPM. Is this unreadable typeface fashionable now?

@redmanlaw: I’m not seeing it. Does it appear on more than one computer?

@nojo: Are you thinking it might be a typeface stuck as a preference somewheres in her Mac? Might be, since we used the titling function of iMovie for Son of RML’s Shakesphere project we shot and loaded up to the YooTubes.

Fun fact: the leading grocery chain in China is “Wumart.”

@redmanlaw: That’s my first guess — I’m not seeing it on the laptop or iPad. But I can always check the CSS and see what they’re specifying.

Ten minutes later…

TPM headline style: “Helvetica Neue”,helvetica,arial,sans-serif;

Standard set — Helvetica Neue is the purty version of Helvetica, nothing special.

@RevZafod: Hey — at least I used an adjective and weak alliteration. ;-) I missed Ed’s apology. I’m surprised that dumbass has been on the air as long as he has.

@Benedick HRH KFC: We had 65 MPH winds, no power until 3 something a.m., HUGE trees and power lines all over the place, my kid ate ALL the prepared food and didn’t tell me, but I found some chorizo… I can’t imagine what Joplin went through.

@JNOV is rockin’ the Paradise TONIGHT: Damn trees knocked out over the roads all over here, making me late for work when I spent an hour waiting for the MARTA bus — a bus that would never come.

Y’all need to move to Southern California. All we’ve got here are earthquakes, wildfires, mudslides and riots.

According to that interactive NY Times map, the safest place to live, natural-disaster-wise, is Eugene, OR, so I’m pretty close. Of course, you have to put up with wearing wool and running the heater on Memorial Day weekend. Did I mention it’s still raining?

@Mistress Cynica: I still can’t get used to the fact that it’s Memorial Day weekend and it’s 50 freakin’ degrees. Starting to get scared this is gonna be one of those years that we don’t actually have a summer. It’s only been up to 70 in Seattle two days this year.

@Mistress Cynica: the safest place to live, natural-disaster-wise, is Eugene

Nine-month overcast is a natural disaster. Or maybe that’s just me.

@¡Andrew!: Same here. And it’s supposed to be rainy with highs in the 50s for another week at least. The “summer” farmers’ market started yesterday, and it was nothing but a sea of lettuce, kale, and chard, with the odd radish or spring onion thrown in.

@¡Andrew!, Cyn: I almost built a fire here in Santa Fe two nights ago, which I did last week when we had snow flurries.

@redmanlaw: Folks out here got the AC cranked up so high at work and every where else I catch pneumonia from staying inside for more than an hour or two. Seriously, I had to put cardboard over the AC vent at work to prevent frostbite.

@jwmcsame: In Seattle, the air conditioning is on the outside.

Those eyes.

They scare me

will they eat my soul?

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