No Te Metas con Tejas

“A judge on Monday blocked the city of San Antonio from renaming a street after the late labor activist Cesar Chavez. The temporary restraining order from State District Judge Antonia Arteaga came just days after the City Council voted along ethnic lines to approve the name change.” San Antonio is 61 percent Hispanic. [Reuters/MSNBC, ThinkProgress]


The street to be renamed is Durango Street. It’s not because he’s Hispanic, it’s because he was a commie pinko socialist community organizer. And why live in San Antonio if you are afraid of Mexicans?

@matador1015: “And why live in San Antonio if you are afraid of Mexicans?”

Especially since a sizable chunk of the Hispanics in San Antonio have family roots in the city that go back pre-1836. It’s the gringos who are the new arrivals.

P.S. Do all San Antonians still use the words “Anglo” and “Mexican” instead of white and Hispanic, or is it just the ones I know?

@matador1015: it’s because he was a commie pinko socialist community organizer

So was MLK! Small world!


Breaking – Dem wins NY 26 special election.

Fashion Alert: Our First Lady brought it to the state dinner with HM:

@Mistress Cynica: Sweet 8 pound 4 ounce Baby Jesus, FSM love her, but that woman has more fashion changes than Lady Gaga! Did she change from the Betty Draper silver number to the blue item while in the car en route to the second event?

I still need to see the shoes and earrings up close. On first glance the dress is a little too Ace-bandage-y for my tastes….

@Mistress Cynica: Ohh, Haaayyy-eeelll to the YES, Shelley Oh! fucking rocked that dress and FUCKING ROCKED THOSE GLOVES from all the angles and I agree with the Mrs. O commenter who noticed the Jackie Kennedy Onassis parallel. And I normally hate her high-waisted dresses, but somehow this one seems to work. Or I’m distracted by the rest of her. That’s entirely plausible.

Holy shit. I think I need a fan. If FlyingChainSaw’s favorite ginger Mrs. Kucinich had been there, it would have meant lots of brain matter and other fluids splattered.

And can I just add that it makes me love Black Eagle more to see how dorky he looks in a tuxedo white-tie? Every time I’ve seen a picture of him in a tux he has this expression of spaz-ness that makes me want to take him to the closest 7-11 to get Hot Pockets and go home to watch Star Wars.

@SanFranLefty: I met Chavez at a rally for farmworkers in SA, cerca de ’86. He couldn’t officially stump for the UFW, because the Texas Farmworkers Union was at war with them.

@SanFranLefty: The Beeb over here just had footage of Barry and Cameron high fiving after a ping pong match. They promptly retired to 10 Downing for a Dr Who marathon session.

ADD: chance of a VPOTUS visit in my future. Can I present him with some Stnque swag?

@SanFranLefty: Pretty much, since that part of South Texas has that heavily ingrained Mexican-American culture. Which again begs the question, if you know the area you live in is highly Hispanic, and you’re scared of the Reconquista, why don’t you move to North Dakota or something?±

tj/ Vladimir Putin interview on . . . hunting and fishing in Outdoor Life. Highlight: shooting a whale with a crossbow to collect a tissue sample. Got it on his 4th try using a crossbow for the first time in his life from a rocking boat. The magazine asked how it feels to be the “coolest person in politics in the world.”

I’ll post it when it goes on line. It’s pretty bizarre.

@Mistress Cynica: My fav photo in that set is of Prince Charles looking over his shoulder at Michelle. Probably thinking something starting with “Holy shit . . . “

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