It’s a Mom Thing

Rebecca Mansour, who is about as close to Sarah Palin as you can get without being Todd, had a private tweet-off with a cult member supporter last year. And now, somehow, the exchange has reached Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller. Let’s listen in!

  • Erick Erickson is “a total douchebag. Greasy dumb ass with a talent for self-promotion. He threw himself in at the Gov’s SC rally. Self-promotion.”
  • Romney supporters are “wacky as hell,” an “AstroTurf brigade.”
  • California Senate candidate Chuck DeVore “wants to be the next Hugh Hewitt (or Huckabee). He knows he can’t win. He wants to become a ‘personality’. Give him a show to go away.” (Palin endorsed Carly.)

  • “Time to find a way to go medieval on this McGinniss. Don’t be fooled by the light tone of the [Facebook] post. The BigBoss is so upset by this.”
  • On Bristol, who was then planning to marry Levi: “Two words: Patti Davis. Okay three more: Ron Reagan Junior. Two more: Billy Carter. Doesn’t your family have one?”
  • Still more on Bristol: “She will hold her at arm’s length. Even Thatcher was never able to disown her screw up son Mark. It’s a Mom thing.”

Mansour says now she was just trying to “calm down” an upset adept. But we look forward to seeing Bristol Beer on our next visit to the corner market.

What a top aide to Sarah Palin really thinks about Mitt Romney, Bristol Palin, Erick Erickson and more [Daily Caller]

With friends like these, who needs… needs… friends.

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