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We don’t have time to read all the details of the just-released Ethics Committee report on Max Headroom, but this nugget caught our attention:

Senator Ensign holds a Bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University, and received his degree as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University in 1985. Senator Ensign subsequently practiced veterinary medicine, and opened the first 24-hour animal hospital in Las Vegas.

Since Ensign’s just a year older than us, it’s very likely that he was attending OSU — The Fightin’ Beavers! — while we were an hour down Highway 99W at the University of Oregon — The Fightin’ Ducks!

Not that we care or anything. We just like the sound of “Former 24-Hour Veterinarian John Ensign”.

Report of the Preliminary Inquiry [Senate Ethics Committee, PDF]

Senate ethics committee: Ensign violated federal laws [WaPo]


That one innocuous paragraph will launch a thousand double entendres involving animal husbandry and/or the care and feeding of dogs, pussies, beavers, and cocks.

TJ/ in case anyone missed this, our fine state just passed a law almost giving gays equal rights. Hopefully the prediction by the teabag community will come true that this is the last step before true equal rights. Ironically, the venue that the governor selected to sign the legislation was a recently restored Victorian style theater called The Queen.|newswell|text|Home|s

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