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Alabama Football Player’s Death Trivialized by ESPN Insider [Bleacher Report, via Formerly the Starter Wife]

aaron douglas was a star on a 4 time state championship football team at maryville high school, right outside of knoxville, tn aka rocky top. he was also named mr basketball in tennessee as a senior. he signed with then coach phil fulmer following in the footsteps of his mother, karla mcghee who was one of pat summits better players in the history of the multiple national champion lady vols and his father david, who was a starting offensive lineman for the volunteers in the early eighties. david went on to play for the cincinnati bengals for a few years appearing in the 49ers/bengals super bowl that has gone down in history as one of the most exciting super bowls. his uncle cody also played for the vols and started at center for the washington redskins as a member of the famous hogs offensive line. whether or not aaron felt undue pressure from the many overzealous vol fans here bouts to sign with the vols instead of following his own desires and play elsewhere will never be known but the fact remains he was not happy here in knoxville and transferred to western arizona junior college after one year. with his one year mandatory banishment from division one football mandated by one of many ridiculous ncaa rules designed to protect plantation system major college football programs at the expense of the student (and never let us forget amateur) athlete, aaron transfered to alabama angering many tennessee fans. the posts on various message boards by the more mean spirited vol fans were vicious to say the least. aaron made his decision at a time when tennessee had fired one coach and lost another in less than one year while alabama won a national championship. for a player of aarons stature and potential his decision to attend alabama was a no brainer but angered many vol fans none the less. while in high school a good friend of mine faced a similar decision. derek hoard was a high school basketball all american from bristol, tennessee and was good enough to be recruited by the university of kentucky who had won a national championship while we were in high school. the recruiting battle between tennesse and kentucky was fierce but tennessee had lost one coach to mental health issues, fired another while derek was in high school and had virtually no tradition compared to big blue. derek choose kentucky where he made all american his junior year, played in a final four, and later went on the nba and a lucrative stint in japan. vols fans could have cared less about all that and called derek, my friend many bad names with no clue about his character or athletic goals. many years later vol fans hurled the same insults at aaron douglas for doing what he thought best for himself. tonight though aaron can finally rest easy and maybe now folks will quit calling him names.

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Is this sport again? Yeesh.

FILIPINO UNDERWEAR MODELS IN VARIOUS STATES OF UNDRESS! That’s what the crowd is waiting for out here.

Is that too much to ask?

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@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: It has been too long since we have been blessed with pictures of boys who have been blessed.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Male or female?

The Management cannot be responsible for clicking this link in a public establishment.


@nojo: Ah, rookie move there, padawan. If I wanted girls I would have asked for fillipinas.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: It’s touching how noje insists on keeping the ‘bi’ option open.

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