Evil Still Lurks in the World

Turn Off the Dark’s Reign of Terror Returns on May 12th [Topless Robot, via Comics Alliance]

Don’t they mean “Reign of Error”?

I would just like to point out that the crew has most likely been on overtime since this show first went into preview.


Do we have any idea how much they’ve made? Hint: they don’t call it Golden Time for nothing.


There is a reason it’s almost impossible to get an IATSE card without inheriting one. Also, it’s a good idea for producers to have some idea of how to actually produce. This crew looks like they had Rumsfeld in charge.

However, I’m all kinds of impressed they seem to have handed over the visual representation of the show to someone’s kid who’s got a copy of photoshop. Way to impress the Japanese (you should see how lavish and gorgeous are their programs, posters, etc). To be fair, I think there are only three ad agencies left that bother to waste their time on B’way.

With regard to title of post (“Evil Still Lurks in the World”): Of course it does. The place is still teeming with Republicans; moreover, most of them are Republicans of the very worst kind, the kind Fox loves to hire and promote and cosset. Sidewinders, backstabbers, liars – there’s no stratagem too low and underhanded for them to employ. The scum of the earth.

{Thanks for letting me get that said. Now maybe I can get something useful done today.}

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