Google Reviews of Osama Bin Laden’s Compound

  • Thought there would be more virgins here.
  • This neighborhood has really gone downhill recently.
  • Drafty. Walls full of holes.

  • Now under new management.
  • Did not live up to the Yelp review.
  • No bathroom, no electricity, no cell phone service. Then I got shot.
  • Don’t use FourSquare while staying here.
  • No valet for the chopper.
  • Now that’s what I call a Dead & Breakfast.
  • It’s to die for!
Osama bin Laden’s compound [Google Maps, via @PourMeCoffee]

Last night, when Mr. SFL was looking at the satellite photos on Google Earth, he turned to me and earnestly said, “There’s no Google StreetView of bin-Ladin’s compound.” I told him to give Larry Page 48 hours and there will be a Googlemobile driving up from Islamabad.

Too many US Navy SEALs in the neighborhood

Oh, so help me God. It begins.

Comment pool on at least one majorish thread (Tapper at ABC) has ben swarmed by Deathers. There are no prizes for predicting this (I think SFL was on this base first, late last night) but — GODFUCKINGDAMMIT.

@chicago bureau:
Who’s leading the charge? Orly Taintz.

@chicago bureau: If only our Republican friends were as easy to deal with as al Qaeda.

In honor of the day the dogs are outside playing The Hunt For Osama Bin Pug.

So Osama’s dead, but no one’s seen the body and now he’s been buried at sea? Great–they just launched about 1,000 conspiracy theories, like Hitler and Ken Lay better make room for the new house guest at Bush II’s Paraguay compound.

Who is Seth Meyers? He’s hilarious. You people need to tell me things.

@chicago bureau: at 9:30 this morning GMT+1 there were already over 9K comments on the Fox News article.

@Benedick HRH KFC: I had to look up who he was after I watched the video of him KILLING IT at the Nerd Prom.

@¡Andrew!: Speaking of Hitler, his death was announced on May 1, too. BUT A LONG TIME AGO.

@Benedick HRH KFC: He does the Weekend Update part of Saturday Night Live and for many years was second banana to the fabulous Amy Poehler.

@RomeGirl: David Lindley has a song with the lyric: “He would have loved you more than Eva Braun.”

@RomeGirl:hitler didn’t die. he morphed into obama. haven’t you been listening to the teabaggers?

I’ve been watching Osbama at the same dinner. Is our president dreamy or what? Sigh.

SNL. That’s a program on what you kids call the tee-vee isn’t it?

@Dodgerblue: Check this out:

Even Hitler had a girlfriend
Who he could always call
She’d always be there for him
In spite of all his faults
He was the worst guy ever
Reviled and despised
Even Hitler had a girlfriend
So why can’t I?

@mellbell: Thanks, very cool tune. “They’d rather be with Hitler more than me.” Who is this guy?


Speaking of Hitler and teabaggers, I had no idea that Israel had similarly-flavored racist morons:

Israeli town rallies against African refugees

Seriously, are we so full-up on nativist resentment over here that we’re packaging it for export? Because some of the people interviewed in that bit sounded like they could have come from a Arizona Minutemen meeting…

@jwmcsame: OH WAIT THAT’S RIGHT. I get my creepy evil guys all messed up. So, Obama’s Hitler now? I thought he was Mao?

@Benedick HRH KFC: He’s so, so, so dreamy. Love him. AND his wife – did you see how hot she looked there on the dais?

@al2o3cr: Same thing happens in France with Arab immigrants. I’ve seen it first-hand. It makes my blood boil.

@RomeGirl: I’ve said it before but he’s Cary Grant. He was so adorable teasing Michelle about snatching candy from children. Adorable, I tell you!

@RomeGirl: the most beautiful woman i ever set eyes and ears on was of french/morrocan descent. unfortunately some lowlife so and so had already married her. i need to move to the south of france and settle for the runner up. i know she’s out there.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Yeah, when he giggled and said “she SANTCHED ‘EM” again. I died.

@jwmcsame: I think, as a sweeping whole, when Iranian women are beautiful, they are INSANELY BEAUTIFUL. Like, hard to look at beautiful. Like no other nationality.

@al2o3cr: this comment has caused adverse reaction before, but it’s a crying shame that israel is a classic example of how abuse begets abuse. the israelis have taken out what the germans did to them on the palestinians and others who of course have to take it out on some one else in return, etc., etc.

WH counterterrorism adviser, via TPM: Osama used one of his wives as a human shield; she was the only woman killed in the operation.

@RomeGirl: Turkish men and women as well. Olive complexion and light green eyes. Yum!

How’s France?

@RomeGirl: i guess that’s why the cavemen in iran keep their women all wrapped up. so no one else will notice.

back to the hitler/obama/osama/teabagger subject:
if you unfortunately ever stumbled onto a teabagger sit in like i did one time, you probably didn’t realize what you had found because all the signs were so horribly misspelled. you probably saw signs saying “omaba is hilter”, “don’t thread on me”, “no taxation without no presentation”, “hay obama. read the constellation”, “no free hellth care”, “home-scholers for pale-‘un” and somethin’ or ‘nother ’bout “cold, dead fangers”.
i can understand how you misunderstood. you probably thought you were witnessing tryouts for the local dyslexic graffiti team for that years special olympics. refer to this website in the future:

@SanFranLefty: my parents just got back from there and said the american cigarette companies have got the french teenagers seriously hooked on cigs because they can’t sell to american kids anymore and too many american adults have kicked the habit.

@al2o3cr: Naw, the Eurotrash have been doing it for eons.


Christoph Luxenberg, a scholar of ancient Semitic languages in Germany, argues that the Koran has been misread and mistranslated for centuries.

So I was listening to an old Marc Maron podcast yesterday, and the comedian he was interviewing — an ex-seminarian — said the Bible in Greek is a whole ’nother beast than the Latin, never mind the English.

I’m not gonna learn Greek just to check him on that, but I’m always fascinated by what happened between the crucifixion and Constantine.

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