Think it’s Fox wishes our Preznit dead:


Ya gotta admit it would’ve made a lot more sense if Bammz had wheeled out Emmanuel Goldstein, er, Osama BL in October, 2012, instead of for May sweeps in 2011.

@Benedick HRH KFC: I’d say he just became the front runner to fill Glenn Beck’s slot, although he did lose points for use of the “s” word (sorry).

First, false noise reported that the killing of bin laden would surely result in many more terrorist attacks in reprisal. So of course this event made us much less safe than when bin laden was still breathing air in an alleged cave somewhere. These warnings were delivered in dire monotones reserved for funerals. Then after the reported death of who false noise really hoped was dead, they changed the spelling of bin ladens first name to usama so as not to be easily confused with obama by the college drop outs at false noise masquerading as television alleged reporters or anchors. And to top it all off, false noise reported that w and the boys set all this up by building intelligence networks and putting the military in place to pull it off. The timing just wasn’t there for ole w since 9/12/01 to 1/1/09 . Like a fired football coach was only faking how bad the team was for all those years just so the new guy could come in and get a win by doing things totally different.

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