And in Pre-Birther News…

With all the attention lately to birthers and afterbirthers, we may have lost track as to what is going on with the pre-birthers. Remember, the 2010 election was about  how people don’t want the government to get between them and their doctor.

Oh, wait.

Well, never fear, Stinque has your War on Lady-Bits weekly update:

In Louisiana, a state representative who last year had proposed a $1,000 payment to poor women getting sterilized coupled with tax incentives for “college-educated, higher-income people to have more children,” has introduced a bill that would rename the medical procedure of abortion as “feticide,” and make anyone – including a pregnant woman – guilty of a felony sentence of 15 years in prison, for any death of a fetus.  He explained his reasoning for the bill with this gem:

“I think the main difference between 1973 and now is that technology that we have. We can peer into the uterus and see an image that even my 4-year-old would say, you know, that’s a baby.”

Alrighty. Let’s move along to another part of the country, shall we? These are just the highlights from the past week or so.   According to Slate, 916 measures regulating reproductive rights have been introduced in 49 states since the start of the year.

In Michigan, a Republican state senator has introduced a bill that would require that doctors provide women with “keepsake ultrasounds” of their fetuses. You know, a little memento to keep around the house, frame and put up on the mantle.

Seriously though, laws like these requiring waiting periods of days or ultrasounds before performing an abortion, or forcing women to endure “counseling” conducted by religiously affiliated “pregnancy crisis centers” are intended not to help women, but to shame them because (mostly male, mostly Republican) politicians think women are incapable of making decisions.  (And I’m looking at you, Justice Kennedy, for your bullshit opinion in Gonzales v. Carhart that abortion bans are justified because a woman might “come to regret” having an abortion).

The Indiana Legislature has passed a bill that is now awaiting signature on Gov. Mitch Daniel’s desk that would end all funding for Planned Parenthood and family planning services in the state.  Is he going to sign it, Mr. “I’m Focused on the Economy”?  Who knows, but our Indiana Stinquers should send him a message. The Kansas Legislature is considering a similar bill.

Meanwhile, moving along the Midwest to Oklahoma, a Republican legislator amended a senior citizen nutrition bill to prohibit any non-governmental organization from participating in the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) nutrition program. Why? Because Planned Parenthood of Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma is one of the nine nonprofits that assist in getting food vouchers and food stamp information to poor women and families. Last year, the clinic in Tulsa provided WIC services to 16,000 individuals in 76,000 visits.

Okay, I really can’t go on. Speak out, folks. I implore you.

I’ve said it before, in fact it was in my very first post for this-here blog, and I’ll say it again:

In 1965, prior to the legalization of abortion in the United States, at least 20% of maternal deaths in our country were due to illegal and unsafe abortions.  In countries where abortion is criminalized and thus unsafe and illicit, the maternal mortality rates are at a level that is a human rights crisis.

The ever-growing economic inequality in this country is one of many measurements indicating this country is sliding into a status that is named the un-P.C. “Third World country” – let’s really try not to do that on the lady-bits front, mmmkay?


It’s an obvious reference, and I strongly doubt we were the first, but I’ve got our own use of Afterbirthers traced to August 2009.

There will also be a bill in Louisiana to make anyone who has an abortion or miscarriage after a certain point in the pregnancy take responsibility for the remains, e.g. have them buried or cremated.

Somehow I doubt that singing nuns will help. How do we spell shame?

PS. Not cool shoes. They are hobble shoes. Like the hobble skirt. Or the South Beach Diet. How men control women. In case they leak the fertile blood and turn us weak. Or gay.

Anyone got a better splain?

PS. If it involves assless chaps or motel wrestling I am going to need pictures.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Those are men’s shoes, not women’s shoes. Thus the disgusting misogyny of the ad.

ADD: And how many times does TommCatt have to ‘splain to us that all chaps are assless?

Where’s that boy Prom?

“In case you’re on the market for a used aircraft carrier, the Brits have officially posted an advertisement offering up the HMS Ark Royal, former flagship of the Royal Navy and time is running out to buy.”

@Benedick HRH KFC:

Get ready for live theater at the world’s most notorious detention facility. No, not for live readings of the Gitmo Files. The Army wants to stage readings from Sophocles’ classic plays Ajax and Philoctetes for the beleaguered troops at Guantanamo Bay.

Called “Theater of War,” the program takes the martial themes of the plays and treats them like “ritual reintegration for combat veterans by combat veterans.” Panel discussions with veterans typically follow the readings, “to increase awareness of post-deployment psychological health issues, disseminate information regarding available resources, and foster greater family and troop resilience.”

@SanFranLefty: Men’s shoes? Unless they come with a woman gazing adoringly at them, no thanks. Even then, one would have to dress like Mick Jagger circa 1967 for them to make sense.

I gave up on the chaps thing ages ago.

“Third-World Country” is actually a political reference from the early cold war that came to be associated with poverty, etc. There was the “First World”- the United States and United States allies, the “Second World”- The Soviet Union and China and their allies, and then the non-allied countries formed the “third world”- which tended to be comprised of states under some form of imperialist rule (“Indochina”/Vietnam, for example), independent coalition-governed totalitiarian states (think Argentina or Bolivia), or economic imperialist rule (like the Phillipines under Magsaysay or Marcos, who were kept in power mostly by American business interests leveraging American foreign policy in the region). I don’t think the term was meant disparagingly at first, but has come to have racist undertones because, let’s face it, most of the people in those regions aren’t white.

Then there is the United Kingdom, which is more of a fourth-world state, you know, where they mispronounce the word cookie to the point where it sounds like the word for that little Sandy Duncan cracker thingie, refuse to drive the correct way, and where the principal export is murder mysteries featuring little old lady detectives.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That and Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: You’re on a roll tonight, dear.

@Nabisco: Mick would have totally worn those shoes. Ike Turner, I could see him wearing them, too.

I’d like to see a similar bill that forbids removing colon polyps – after all, one of them could grow up to be the next Republican candidate for President! ;)

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: At my alma mater, they had a center for minority kids called the “Third World Center” and a pre-orientation freshman orientation called the “Third World Transition Program.” This was for all minority kids, not just kids from third world countries. They told us it was called “Third World” because “minority” has negative connotations.

Yeah. Roll that one around in your heads for a while.

And then let me know if it makes any sense to you because it’s been 20 years and I still think it’s stupid.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: The Rat never rests.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: What? For real? Um. Wow. Just wow.
For real?
/speechless for a second

@SanFranLefty: Yep. I just googled it and they’re still calling it that.


@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Is it some sort of post-modern, we’re going to embrace the term of oppression and own it (a la “queer”) sort of thing, or is it misguided attempt to sound hip? I’m still blown away by that.

Update: In a move no doubt pandering to the right wing of his party in case he decides to enter the 2012 GOP Presidential race, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels announced he will sign the bill that will strip all federal family planning funds from Planned Parenthood. This from the guy who last year pissed off the evangelicals by saying the party should focus on economic issues instead of divisive cultural wars.

@SanFranLefty: Despite his elected position, I still see him as an Only In DC type — there’s no groundswell of support around him, except among Villagers.

@nojo: He’s toast with Vagina-Americans. Per the website of the Indiana Planned Parenthood affiliate, 22,000 women in the state received birth control and pap smears through Medicaid last year.

And paging our Indiana Stinquers – click that linque to get info on rallies across the state.


Speaking of conservative dickweeds, I give you Rep. Rehberg (R-MT) BAAAWWWWING about how he simply can’t make ends meet on the profits from $6 million+ worth of ranch. What’s supremely annoying about him is that he mentions a real problem (farmers who have land but no cash) but somehow fails to mention his $175k in Congressional salary. *Real* ranchers who are *really* over a barrel like that are probably fuming…

@al2o3cr: Don’t forget his gold-plated government health insurance policy, too. Most farmers have to buy insurance on the open market and/or have a second job that might provide insurance.

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