Feels Like the First Time

The most significant passage of President Obama’s speech has to be the following:

You will have your choice of a number of plans that offer a few different packages, but every plan would offer an affordable, basic package… And I believe one of these options needs to be a public option that will give people a broader range of choices and inject competition into the health care market, so that we can force waste out of the system and keep the insurance companies honest.

Whoops, we’re sorry! Bookmarked a June 2009 speech by mistake.

But while we’re there, can we just say that we count our blessings every day knowing that, with the electoral winds at his back and an overwhelmingly Democratic Congress, President Obama was not only able to get the healthcare package he envisioned, but was also able to pass his 2011 budget and avoid nasty showdowns over mid-year funding?

Apparently we can’t.

So reading Wednesday’s speech — the right one — you’ll forgive us if we don’t get excited about the passages where President Obama said the right things. Maybe during the campaign, maybe a couple years ago, but we’ve learned to wait for the hostage crisis to see what gets bargained away. And right now the next capture is looking like May 16, when our National Plastic gets cut off.

Remarks by the President on Fiscal Policy [White House]

Barry’s right about raising taxes on the 1-2% unlike the MSM and a lot of RW loons (and pretty much what the left has been yelling about since 2002.)

Unless a bunch of rational mind control aliens take over the poop throwing flying monkey chorus aka GOPers (and dipshit blue dogs like Ben Nelson) controlled by the Wicked Koch of the West that ain’t gonna happen.

So yeah, it sounds about right.

This would be as good a time as any for Obama to switch gears and go balls to the wall to push through his agenda, while the cracks deepen in the Tea Party armor, while the GOP Congress is doing a freefall in the polls.

Unless, of course, he’s still trying to be “fair.” In which case, I’ll have to start looking for retirement options in Mexico.

@matador1015: Sadly, I’m nearing Nojo levels of disenchantment-slash-blasé, so I’d counsel the latter.

It would be a neat exercise to count how many times, on these virtual pages, someone has said “this would be a good time for Obama to go balls to the wall to push through his agenda…”. Neat, but possibly depressing.

@matador1015 and Nabisco:
Leaders of a party (Hi Nancy P!) go balls to the wall. He seems to forget that he’s the leader of a national party, not a mediator in a real estate dispute and/or marriage counselor.

@SanFranLefty: They could have passed a budget and tried to end the Boosh tax cuts before the election but chose not to, hence the mess this week.

I could have gone to the Native American Dem Caucus yesterday in The Big City but chose to come home and get Son of RML from school and take him to his piano class instead so Mrs RML didn’t have to leave work. I’ve been doing the family thing hardcore since leaving politics.

It would have passed the house, but the senate would have squashed that.

Ben Nelson, Evan (douchebag from Indiana) and Joe Lie would have joined the inevitable shrieks of filibuster from the GOPer side.

ETA: I’m not saying they shouldn’t have tried, but I suspect that would be the end result.

I’m not so sure that he’ll let them get away with the tax cuts this time around. Polls say defending them is a loser…but, like you say, we’ll have to see.

Senator Gillibrand has invited me to a housewarming barbecue. There will be a bounce-house for the kids.

@ManchuCandidate: True, but I wouldn’t have minded a few shrieks of “51 votes in a democracy”.

@Benedick is not as stupid as he looks.: Can you bring the dogs? I bet the pug would be a hit with the crowd.

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