Why Yes, That’s Harry’s Son! Why Do You Ask?

“Former gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid’s campaign manager oversaw an operation last summer and fall that first erected an overall PAC that could take unlimited contributions and then created mini-PACS that would only exist temporarily to funnel that money back to the Reid campaign, emails I have obtained show.” [Las Vegas Sun, via Political Wire]


Sick and tired of dynasties … especially Bushes.

@blogenfreude: We’re going to get Jeb running in 2012 and his son George P. (aka “the brown one”) in 2028. You heard it here.

ADD: Though I think George P. is a foot-tapping closet case. Gheyz, Google him and look at his incredibly well-sculpted eyebrows and his hair. Yeah, I know he grew up in Miami, but for realz?

The husband of one of my friends works for Rory Reid, COS or something like that.

@SanFranLefty: I thought Jeb was The Smart Son. Surely he’ll wait for 2016?

Appripos of nothing, Rick Santorum is forming an exploratory committee to run for president.

Some guys don’t know when to quit. I’d he were an actor he’d be Keanu Reeves.

Thanks for the recap, by the way, Nojo. You are dear to my heart, you funny, wise man.


Completely unrelated — There are Canadian birthers? Do they not have anything better on which to fixate? And why is every nutter obsessed with George Soros?

Yes. No. Yes, because he is the new Black Helicopters and safer to pick on than “Jewish Bankers who run the world.”

The Canada City Free Press is a wingnutter site.

@ManchuCandidate: Don’t worry, I didn’t mistake it for the paper of record. It’s just funny that anyone there cares, however big a wingnut they are.

@mellbell: Speaking of nutters, how ever do you put up with this seasonal influx of turistas in ONC?

I keep getting swallowed up in mobs of red, white and blue-festooned travel groups; Wide Body families wearing shorts and tube socks; and school groups – my god the school goups.

/end rant/

@Nabisco: Don’t ride Metro during tourist season…or at least don’t get off the Metro on any station closer to the Mall than Dupont Circle…the orange and blue lines are a complete clusterfuck.

“Wow, what’s this subway thing?” I was the local always screaming at them to move to the center of the train and not just get on and stop at the door, and OMFG, when they would get to the top of the escalator at the station and come to a complete stop…..

@SanFranLefty: My meat space is a block off the Mall, so I can’t avoid the herds. Plus, the food court in my building is the popular feeding trough for the migratory flow.

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