Blake Farenthold Explains It All For You

“As Republicans, we promised in the pledge to America to cut $100 billion off of Obama’s plan. If we’re going to come back with less than that, we’ve got to come back with some policy riders to say look, I took less than $100 billion, but I’ve defunded Planned Parenthood or abortions in the District of Columbia.” [TPM]


I demand that Nojo update this post with this photo of Blake Fattyhold.

Don’t make me try to figure out how to embed the image with my editorial privileges…

@nojo: It’s 11 am in Sandy Eggo, fercrissake!

/back to researching tagging…

@SanFranLefty: Mornings are the Devil’s handiwork.

@nojo: You could put it after the jump on the post so that people landing on the homepage don’t have their retinas scorched.

@SanFranLefty: Ohmygod, that guy. Really thought I would never see that picture again.

Coincidentally, he has (almost) the same last name as the author of this surprisingly-not-an-Onion-article that I’m still trying to process. If they included House members, it would probably jump to 40%.

@SanFranLefty: If it’s to run at all, it really deserves a separate post with more background. That photo leaves Questions Unanswered.

@mellbell: I think that young Blake doesn’t need to worry about ever having a partner in need of Planned Parenthood services — he looks like one of the anti-choice anti-wimminz-bits types who has never actually been laid.

@nojo: Hey, at least there’s a person who appears to be an adult woman in the photo with him, and not a little boy.

I’m at the Corner Remote Office and away from CNN, but apparently Senate Demrats are about to hold a presser.


US Government cancelled after 235 increasingly pointless, infuriating seasons.

“It’s worse than Brothers & Sisters now,” viewers complain.


I seem to recall at least part of the flap on that photo was that one of the girls in the original *wasn’t* an adult quite yet…

Apparent gist of Senate Demrat presser: Harry Reid sez Repugs agreed to $38 billion in cuts. (With or without riders? Unclear.) Repugs, in turn, deny.

Bottom line: Cash those IRS refunds while you can!

Speaking of Republicans protecting taxpayers from unreasonable expenses, Idaho lawmakers rush unusual payment to state GOP. It’s one of the perks of having a one party state of your own.

@nojo: And don’t forget you have until April 18 to file. Yay Emancipation Day!

@nojo: I think they even agreed to a couple of riders because, you know, the Demrats rarely draw lines in the sand that can’t be easily cleaned up.

And although my salary as well as food/mouths depend on at least a feeble continuing resolution, I actually hope Black Eagle channels his inner Bartlett and says “Then shut it down“.

@Nabisco: Just so long as Barry doesn’t have interns delivering him pizzas and flashing their thongs during the budget impasse.

@nojo: Watching CSPAN rerun of the presser: major props to the Dems for hammering home the Title X issue. It’s all about messaging at this point…

@SanFranLefty, et. al.: I think the look on the woman’s face speaks for us all.

@SanFranLefty: Damn, that photo should come with a Surgeon General’s warning.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Well, consider yourself warned that it might be a stand-alone post later today.

@SanFranLefty: I came very near to gouging my eyes out when I saw that photo of the ebullient young Blake Farenthold…and very nearly blowing my brains out at your revelation of his heritage. I never thought he was Sissy’s g-son. Oh we are so doomed.

Okay, I’m back at World Domination HQ, and the chattering’s in overdrive at CNN. Hopeful off-the-record hints, but nothing’s changed.

@texrednface: I originally posted that she must be spinning in her grave, then checked on Wikipedia and discovered she’s still alive. Poor woman being tortured by him.

CNN: “Midnight might not be the drop-dead date for troops.”

Speaking of the department of lady-bits, file this one from the Jez under Whiskey Tango Foxtrot:
KBR, the company that locked an employee in a shipping container after she was gang-raped by fellow contractors in Iraq, was just named “Top Employer for Women” by Women Engineers magazine.

@SanFranLefty: OMG, (small relief)
There is no genetic(obviously) connection between the illustrious Sissy Farenthold and that coprophagic lard bucket. She’s his Step-Grandmother. Second wife of his Grandfather.

By the way, Planned Parenthood is on the table because O’Keefe faked another video. Give him credit for helping drive the country off a cliff.

Latest gossip: Three-day extension being discussed.

@nojo: He’s the Julian Assange of the teabaggers.

@SanFranLefty: Jamie Leigh Jones. IIRC, breast implant broken during the rape.

@nojo: They need to just shut the fuck down already and suffer the fucking consequences. All those folks driving their Winnebagos to Jellystone voted them in. Let them deal with it.

Resolved: Eliot Spitzer is even more fucking annoying than Lawrence O’Donnell.

@nojo: Can you put a Countdown to Shutdown Clock on the site? I can’t bear to turn on the nooze.

Oh, but did you see how Bachmann and the Huckster are the “voices of reason” on the right saying enough is enough? Cover for Boehner to agree to a deal and instant “statesmanship cred” for the two crazees.

@Nabisco: I toyed with the idea of an “Is the government shut down yet?” site, but then I’d have to pay attention.

Of course, I’m paying attention anyway. But I like not being responsible.

Anyway: Both the Feds and this site run on Eastern time, so just drop a comment and see if it’s midnight yet.

Considering “We’ll Meet Again” from Strangelove as Shutdown post video.

Reuters, via Rachel: House GOP meeting at 9:45 to celebrate like drunken motherfuckers consider proposals.

Chuck Todd: Deal’s on the table for review.

But: Length of potential deal not reported. Might still be a few days.

@nojo: I’m thinking Money for Nothing by the Dire Straits. It’s what our fine Congresscritters are getting, anyway.

TPM: There’s a general deal in place, but we might be looking at a three-day extension to buy time for nailing it down.

Harry Reid: “We have an agreement.”

Boehner confirms.

Short-term vote coming tonight, to allow time to put long-term agreement into legislative form, which covers rest of fiscal year.

Oh, and Planned Parenthood is safe. There will be a face-saving standalone vote on that next week.

Barry speaks from White House with National Phallic Symbol standing proud and firm behind him.

Seven-day temporary extension; full version by next Friday. Presuming teabaggers don’t throw a wrench in it.

Still to come: raising debt limit, and FY12 budget. This was just a Hobbit to the upcoming LOTR.

@nojo: Looks like Agent Orange traded as much as he could. If he caves on debt limit and FY 12 — you’re looking at Speaker Bachmann before you can say “yah!”

Book it… the Baggers are going to find something to loathe about this deal, and beat Boehner over the head with it. This ain’t over — not by a longshot.

For the record, we’re about to go into Overtime: House has yet to vote, Obama has yet to sign. No glitches expected.

Eliot Engel plans to vote against, predicts a hundred votes with him. Howard Fineman sez Demrat rank-and-file hasn’t seen the details, may resist.

To the point: House Demrats weren’t involved in negotiations.

Am I the only 8 year old who read the headline and thought it said Fart-enhold?

Ezra: The DC anti-abortion rider is still in the deal.

House passes stopgap overwhelmingly; Engel blowing smoke.

I spent the last two days at a conference with a ton of federalales from the Interior Solicitor on down to just in the door DOI and DOJ lawyers. Talk of the shutdown dominated the event. Emails and texts went out with determinations of the individuals’ essential status and with notifications on pre-shutdown staff meetings or conference calls. Plans were made to go fishing or to do some gardening. No one was sure if they would be paid for the furlough period, a decision that apparently was up to the agency’s discetion.

I bet my friend Snarky Indian Girl Lawyer, a DOI lawyer who used to work for the governor here, that Obama would cave on Planned Parenthood. Looks like I’m out 25 cents.

@mellbell: Don’t you love living in America’s last plantation?
Have you heard of the nonprofit DC Abortion Fund which was set up precisely because Congress forbids the District from using its own money to pay for abortions?

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