Stupid? Or Venal?

Warning: Do not watch this video if you are pregnant, nursing, or prone to abusing house pets.

This morning’s contestant on America’s hottest new reality quiz show is Jack Cashill of WorldNetDaily, who has a pressing question: Who doctored the Barack Obama bench photo?

The bench is real. The grandparents are real. The wall behind them is real. Barack Obama is not. He has been conspicuously photoshopped in. Who did this and why remains as much a mystery as Obama’s extended stay in New York.

Actually, Barack Obama has been conspicuously photoshopped out, although, as Media Matters observes, the mouse-jockey forgot to remove his knee:

So, America, it’s your call: Is Jack Cashill stupid for mistaking the fake for the original, or is he venal for publicizing an obviously doctored photo?

Please note, you can’t answer both. Although if you guessed that the mouse-jockey was actually pranking Jack Cashill, proceed to the bonus round.

Barack Obama’s missing year [WND]

Jack Cashill: Take A Knee [Media Matters]



The best part of waking up,
Is bullshit in your cup.

OMFG @ the bonus round. I stepped into the fucking retard twilight zone trying to follow his “analyses” of the photos. I’ve been paid to write absolute BS before, but holy shit!

The only reasonable explanation is that the grandparents were cannibals and that they were walking in the park, spotted a likely victim, and lit upon him and ate him, leaving only this knee behind for an evening snack.

I vote both.
Meanwhile, he says that Obama’s “extended stay in New York” was “mysterious”? Dumb fuck, Barry was attending college at Columbia Fucking University on the UWS!

@SanFranLefty: Ah, but by placing him in NYC he guilt by associations him with liberals and (gasp) Jews.

@Benedick is not as stupid as he looks.: @SanFranLefty: @SanFranLefty: Proof that “Dreams of my Father”was literally ghost-written by Bayard Boyesen.

@Nabisco: That goes without saying.

@SanFranLefty: Liberals are gay. But if we want to link someone directly to Gheyz then we play the San Francisco card, as in “Obama’s extended stay in San Francisco.” Meaning the years he spent getting fisted in the Castro.

@Benedick is not as stupid as he looks.: the years he spent getting fisted in the Castro

I think my gravatar just developed a hemorrhoid.

Some people have way too much time on their hands.

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