Teabagger Busts Balls

So, what is Dick Armey’s teabagging FreedomWorks bitching about these days?

Tell Your Representatives to Ratify Free Trade Agreements with Columbia, Panama and South Korea

Call Your Senator to Stop Higher Fees and New Restrictions on Debit Cards!

Fire Jim Rogers

Tell Your Senator to Vote YES on Save our States Act to Halt Implementation of ObamaCare

Wait, wait, wait — what was that third item?

Fire Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers? Who the fuck is Jim Rogers? An Obama czar? NPR exec? Dick Armey’s fluffer?

chief operating officer of Duke Energy

Well, that makes sens— hold on, Duke Energy? Why would Dick Armey be demanding that the leader of a private company be fired?

Rogers’ leadership has led to… an unprecedented use of shareholder money to back the 2012 Democratic National Convention with a $10 million line of credit. Rogers had previously agreed to serve as co-chair of the convention but now he is using company assets to augment his personal commitment to the Democratic Party.

Of course, it’s just a coincidence that Duke Energy is located in Charlotte, where the Democratic convention will be held. And it’s just bad luck that we can’t find a similar FreedomWorks complaint about St. Paul-based Northwest Airlines, corporate sponsor of the 2008 Republican convention. Because surely the highly principled Dick Armey wouldn’t be gunning for Jim Rogers just because Duke is helping Democrats.

Fire Jim Rogers [FreedomWorks, via Rachel]

Tea Party Calls for Duke CEO Jim Rogers’ Head [CNBC]


Fly my fatties! Fly!!!! /cackles/

Free trade with Columbia? Panama?
South Korea… I can understand. Columbia? Panama?

@ManchuCandidate: Colombia and Panama are regionally powerful little economic engines in the “lower” Americas. Legal and otherwise.

I saw this last night. I wish I could say it is unbelievable.

Dick Armey is still alive? He must be a Republican zombie.

Obama plans to raise a cool billion but the national Democratic Party whores itself to Duke Energy for a loan of only $10 million? Lovely.

@Nabisco: Watching the TEPCO press conference on NHK World — they say there’s been no damage to Fukushima Daiichi. Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says there is no threat of a tsunami to Hawaii.


incredible. those poor fucking people.

NHK is reporting about 20 injuries so far, no fatalities.

Today’s Dept. of Lady-Bits’ Head Asplosion: Idaho enacts sweeping abortion ban with no rape or incest exceptions because “the hand of the Almighty” is involved those crimes.

@SanFranLefty: The world is crumbling, and now this? I’m taking to my bed.


Well, they *do* both feature pretty prominently in “his” book; heck, a big incest bit is right after he got done smiting a bunch of people for buttsecks, and the participants don’t get zapped…

Somewhat related to original post? I don’t think the nuke cos are buying up solar and wind because they plan to shut down the nuke plants, but maybe they are. Or they’re looking into monopolizing. Or maybe they’re being Good Corporate Citizens.

Idaho would never put up with sharia law. Who needs it when you have kickass Biblical law? It’s useful to remember that: 1) Idaho’s legislature is reactionary even by Idaho’s standards, and 2) southern Idaho is northern Utah.

@Jesuswalksinidaho: Yep. Part of the Morridor. BUT I thought TSCC was relatively silent on AB; it’s mawwaige that makes the PenisHolders freak.

@JNOV is like, FUCK!:
In a word, patriarchy. You don’t want to undermine a man’s right to father children, do you?

@Jesuswalksinidaho: I used to say that everything east of the Cascades is Idaho. Now I should probably say that everything east of Sandy Eggo is Arizona.

@nojo: Everything east of your neighborhood and west of the bridge to Coronado is A Z Eggo. Remember the overwhelming military presence there.

@SanFranLefty: There’s a G-spot joke in there somewhere but I’m much too undercaffeinated to find it.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: Well of course it is. The bill sets up a legal defense fund to defend the law because the attorney general has said several times that it’s completely unconstitutional and a waste of state funds to defend it when it is challenged in court.

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