Maine Forgets to Display Gift Mural Whenever Fed Relatives Visit

“The federal government provided part of a $60,000 grant to pay for the creation of a mural detailing Maine’s labor history. But since LePage had the artwork removed from the lobby of an Augusta building last month, a senior Labor Department official is asking for the the mural to be put back on display or the cash to be returned.” [Politico]


Serves Hamster?

I’ve never heard of Japanese style skewers and pub food in the same restaurant. Seems better if it was named McFuji or O’Kashima than nojo.


when I asked her for the Japanese word for farm, she told me ‘nojo’.

No, it’s shorthand for Norwegian Jim. You had to be there.

Our goal is to be a neighborhood restaurant where everyone works together like a family to make our guests comfortable and at home.

So, you get to drink too much, get into arguments with people at your table, and then wash the dishes in silence? Oh, wait…

So get out and support your local nojo.

Caution: heavy lifting required.

Back to the Maine mural, check out this guerrila art piece of projecting the mural on the capitol…

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