The American Economy at a Glance for the Easily Distracted

Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1% [Vanity Fair]

But but but but the richer are smarter, better, wiser and more intelligent than us.

Just like Donald Trump or Paris Hilton or Dick Scaife.

And the guy the Gray Lady got to take Bob Herbert’s spot (certainly won’t use the word “replace”) on the op-ed page writes an inaugural apologist column on “Don’t blame G.E. for not paying taxes, they were just doing what they could get away with and what they’ve bribed Congress to do.”

God, I miss Herbert. The only guy in MSM who talked honestly about poverty and inequality and how the richest sliver of the elite was systematically destroying peoples’ lives.

This is what makes me laugh about folks who argue about the need for a flat tax or simplified tax system (mostly libertarians) who naively think that this will solve everything.

The main reason why the tax code is complex is because that is the way the eelights WANT it. The complexity of the system allows them to play their games like GE not paying any corprate tax. A flat tax/simplified tax structure would actually hinder the eelights and corprats from not paying any taxes what so ever.

I look at the 20+ years I’ve worked on my own taxes. I know what deductions I can get and can’t. I’ve had to pay capital gains from time to time.

My taxes are pretty simple as it is. Takes me 3 hours to finish up taxes and most of that time is digging for receipts. If I’m wrong it’s always in my benefit.

The most complex shit in the tax code is reserved for eelights and corprats who use teams of very good accountants to spread money around in a manner which reduces their tax obligations.

One can better one’s self by becoming a toady for the elite. Gov Walker ingratiates himself by returning the favors bestowed upon him by his betters.

@texrednface: Young Brian Deschane has a bright future, given he’s following the life path example set out by congenital underachiever/DWIer George W. Bush.

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