Yes, Well, Never Mind About That Whole Constitution Thing

We’ve been ignoring Congress lately, because, well, zzzzzz. Let’s see if Eric Cantor can whip up some coffee:

“What this bill says is it reiterates again the deadline, and that the Senate should act before the deadline, and that’s what the American people are expecting,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said Wednesday morning at a news conference with other House Republican leaders. “The bill then says if the Senate does not act, then H.R. 1 [the House-passed bill that cuts $61 billion] will be the law of the land.”

So, if federal funding doesn’t happen by April 8, a House bill — not passed by the Senate, and not signed by the President — becomes law. Must be one of those pages that stuck together back in January when they read the Constitution for everyone’s edification.

House Republicans plan symbolic bill to pressure Senate on shutdown [WaPo, via Political Wire]

The GOP dream: better legislation through magical thinking.

So I take a pro bono case representing a tenant in a tort claim because it’s sure to go to trial and a bored, underemployed lawyer needs to kick a little ass in the courtroom, ya dig?

I work up the case like a mofo for 8 months and today, the day before trial, the plaintiff’s attorney waives the white flag. He’s agreed to dismiss with each party bearing their own costs. Yay for my client!!! Boo for my pent-up rage.

They do teach ConLaw at William and Mary, amirite?

@JNOV: My people make the wholesome frolik. Snow gerir rassinn tingle þína!

@Snorri Haraldsson: HAHAHAHAHA! That just sounds hilarious no matter what it means!

@JNOV: They’re not naked; they have socks and shoes on.

@Snorri Haraldsson: “Let’s have no talk of ‘tingling.’ Not on a family site.” Signed, Mrs. Grundy.

@lynnlightfoot: My college residence was Tingle Dorm. Hijinx ensued.

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