Stickin’ to the Union

JNOV put a link to this video in comments – as if I needed something else to push me over the emotional edge on this anniversary:

When Pete Seeger goes, if he goes before I do, I will fall apart. He is a treasure.


(Really, it was Dodger — I just linked to the singing garment workers, but I’ll steal his thunder.)

Mrs RML’s uncle Roger was a Teamster heavy in charge of busting the UFW back in the 60s. He’s called “the worst of their devils” on p. 17 of the attached newsletter. So, yeah, I guess union activism runs in her family.,%201966_PDF.pdf

@JNOV: Shhh! They’ll figure out that we’re the same person.

Oh, and I’m 6 outta 6 right now…and kinda weirded out by Rifle Man.

The thing you gotta love about Pete Seeger is his open-mindedness, tolerance for other political views, and willingness to consider new ideas (Well… except for that Dylan-electric guitar thing).

I mean – look at him here in this video, jammin’ with a registered Republican.

Heh. Kentucky rolls. Ohio State out. That black cloud outside your window is from millions of brackets going up in smoke.

@libertarian tool: I’ll have my first loss if Florida State loses.

@libertarian tool: In the original bracket, I picked Kentucky to upset Ohio State. A little too late to salvage the damage done by Louisville, Uklah, and Tejas.

@SanFranLefty: In the original bracket, I not only also had Kentucky to beat Ohio State, but I have Kentucky to win it all [He says as he sips on a Blantons Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon over the rocks, while casually perusing YouTube for video clips of Freshman Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.]

@JNOV: Sorry. You are still perfect in my book.

@libertarian tool: <3

Okay. Medicated. No bang bang shoot em up. Bedtime.

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