Well, What Do You Expect, They’re Canadians

Do we care? “The second minority government of Stephen Harper has fallen. Early Friday afternoon, 156 opposition MPs — all of the Liberals, New Democrats and Bloquistes present in the House of Commons — rose to support a motion of no-confidence.” Actually, we don’t. [Toronto Globe and Mail]


I would comment, but Manchu has to be first ….

@blogenfreude: Have I sufficiently baited him? Or should I add something nasty about Molson’s?

@nojo: No, no–go after that doughnut place they’re all so crazy about, Tim something.

@nojo: He’s Canadian … how could we not leave the first substantive comment on this post to him? Did he run out for some poutine? Is he walking around his neighborhood being polite?

@blogenfreude: Ran out for some poontang, you mean.

@nojo: And the mounties. Don’t forget to mock the Mapleleafs and the Expos.

@nojo: Ever since MSNBC decided that we’re too cussy or whatever, and YANKED THEIR FUCKING ADS (when was that? the first week?), we’ve been bombarded with really scary teabagger bullshit. And I mean, yeah, if it helps pay the bills, take their munnies. But do we need to click on the really odd and ugly links to get you the occasional beer, Nojo?

ADD: I’m sure the MSNBC adverts would be comical in their own right.

And we need a porn post. And none of that frogs gettin’ busy business. You’ve ruined It’s Not That Easy Being Green for me, and that was just wrong.

Sorry, I was out at dinner.

No issues with being um… 9th.

@ManchuCandidate: It’s just that we worry about you.

Frankly, the baiting was not up to your usual standard. A serious effort would have focused on the liberal cut-off-nose to-spite-face aspect of this action.

Even thought the Liberals precipitated the no-confidence vote and brought down the government, recent polls show the Canadian electorate have more respect for the Tories,and new elections will likely strengthen the conservative grip on parliament.

OTOH, I believe Canadian Conservatives are actually located politically somewhere to the left of the US Democratic Party.

So you are right. Who cares?

@ManchuCandidate: Being Canadian means always saying “Sorry”…!

@libertarian tool: A serious effort would have focused on the liberal cut-off-nose to-spite-face aspect of this action.

True, but that would have required paying attention.

@libertarian tool:
No, they’re closer to the GOP.

The old Tories might be at home with the Dems, but not these guys. These guys are the Reformers who helped the Newt Revolution in 94.

@Mistress Cynica: There was one near my house in SE Mass until recently. I guess people around here don’t care for Canadian doughnuts.

Odd. Dude with a huge rifleish weapon just walked into my building as I was walking out. All I saw was the gun. Wouldn’t be able to ID this guy ever. Thank FSM for security cameras. Police are on the way. Another witness was in his car and saw dude pacing around outside the building with this BIG ASS RIFLEish THING over his shoulder. He could describe the guy better than I could, but he still had trouble giving the police information. Um. Eyewitness testimony is quite unreliable. Indeed.

I’m looking at pictures of rifles to try to ID that thing — that I remember. It had a really fat muzzle, and it didn’t taper down like most rifles do. My mind said, “Don’t worry. That’s a paintball rifle or something.” But it didn’t have a canister for paintballs or for the poofy stuff that propels them. Odd.

@JNOV: Regardless of the ID – you should be far far away.

I’ll bet its a shotgun based on its having a big ol barrel.

@libertarian tool: Oh, indeed. We motioned for everyone we saw to shut up and get in the elevator. THEN we called the police. Like whoa.

@redmanlaw: Yeah — one barrel, though. Matte black. A corrugated rubberized grip about 8 inches long, maybe.

@redmanlaw: Very close, but the grip for the pump thing is wrong — I’m pretty sure it was a Mossberg, though. I think it’s this: http://world.guns.ru/userfiles/images/shotgun/sh03/mossberg_500_tactical.jpg

@JNOV: I have two Mossberg 500 pump action shotguns, one in 12 and the other in 20 gauge. The 20 ga is walnut and blued steel while the 12 ga is all camoed up and has fiber optic sights for turkey hunting. I actually prefer the 20 for recreational shooting and small game and bird hunting because it’s lighter and kicks less. Goddam high power turkey loads in the 12 will tear your arm off.

@redmanlaw: Yeah, well, you weren’t pacing in front of my building and are now INSIDE my building with it.

@JNOV: Block your door. At least put a chair under the door knob. Put some space and at least a wall between you and the hallway. It could be something harmless like a guy coming back from the shooting range, but be careful. Keep your cellie with you and have a flashlight handy. Plan an escape route if you can or find/make a place to be safe.

/shot 150 rounds of 9mm at the indoor range today.

@redmanlaw: Pacing? The range makes you pace? Don’t you need to put that thing in a case or something? It was fucking ten pm! There are indoor ranges for shotguns?

Oh, and I’m safe in here. Thanks. ;-) Just freaked out.

Interesting to me, anyway. Fatboy gets rung up on contempt of Parliament charges, but is expected to win election regardless.

History doesn’t repeat itself. It rhymes.

Shotgun Dude Update: Apparently the police were called on him Thursday night (another resident told me), and apparently the office staff knows who this guy is.

I just got back from the office. They claim that they know who he is, he lives in the building, he uses the shotgun for skeet shooting, he doesn’t have to conceal it, but he seems to be getting worse.

I said, I don’t know about open carry laws w/r/t TACTICAL SHOTGUNS, but I do believe there are laws about being batshit and roaming around a residential property with your MOSSBERG 500 TACTICAL SHOTGUN. Wrap in in a blanket, put it in a bag? Toting it around on your shoulder is not acceptable.

While I was there, another resident came with the same complaint — she’d seen him around 7:30 p.m. pacing around the building with the shotgun. Another resident saw him pacing around the lobby a few days ago with the shotgun. I was like, “Legal or not, this guy should NOT be running about a residential building for 2-3 hours toting his TACTICAL SHOTGUN. ”

Manager said she’d send him a note. I was like, that’s not good enough. Had I known I’d be faced with some dude parading about with a big ass gun, I doubt I’d be living here right now. So, she said she’d call him. That’s not good enough either.

I called the non-emergency police number, and I told them that the manager is aware of this dude’s identity and his history w/r/t these shenanigans, and they don’t seem to give a shit. The officer who responded last night will supposedly contact the manager.

Here we go…

@JNOV: I guess you can add this to the list of questions when renting a future apartment.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: +1!

ADD: Oh, and I have his plates…(not in my possession, natch)

@JNOV: I have a .22 rifle that fits perfectly in a nylon guitar case like in El Mariachi. I don’t carry objects identifiable as firearms out to the truck so my neighbors or their friends don’t get any ideas. I should put a big Fender sticker on my two gun gun hardshell case.

I wonder if your neighbor is one of those “open carry” assholes who think that they can and should wear or carry their guns where others can see them as an exercise of their God-given Second Amendment Rights. Regular gun people think those guys are fucking nuts and are giving the rest of us a bad name. The only place I open carry is out in the public lands (BLM or National Fores)t when I’m hiking or fishing. I go old school on the trail and usually carry a full size Ruger revolver in .357 with big heavy bullets for bear*, plus the kitchen fire extinguisher size can of bear spray.

*Yes, I know, .357 is a little light for bear.

@JNOV: Here’s a couple of black shotguns that could be used for skeet, although anyone who could afford a Benelli could certainly spring for even an inexpensive hardshell case ($30 at the Mart of your choice). I think your cat is a few rounds shy of a full box.

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