Lie Back and Think of Sesame Street

As we browse a voluminous list of non-paywalled news sources each evening, looking for a story we feel like riffing on worthy of bringing to your valuable attention, we’ll often bookmark an item or two “just in case” — just in case, that is, we can’t find it in our soul to launch into a 2,000-word discourse analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of policy positions held by the most prominent of Our Nation’s hack bloviators public intellectuals.

Which is why, this fine spring morning, we’re proud to present fucking frogs.

[via Sully]

It’s not easy being green with a pork fetish.

LOL, I just finished downloading that image from Sully’s site to my computer for use in a future e-mail to my work colleagues. Glad to know I’m not the only perv in the house.


Perhaps the most underrated actor in the movies. And plus, when Monty Clift, drunk and suicidal, left her house after a party during the shooting of Raintree County and smashed his car into a tree, while they waited for an ambulance the paps started arriving. Taylor stood over Clift and told them that if they photographed him in the wreckage they would never photograph her again. Great spirit, great heart.

And if we haven’t recently seen A Place in the Sun, watch it again. One of the best American films ever made. Not even Shelley Winters can put a dent in it. Best line? Taylor telling Clift “Come to mama.”

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