You’re Probably Wondering How You Can Mix Pole Dancing and Jesus

[via Jezebel/RML]

No, there’s nothing at all sexual about this wholesome Christian fitness program. Just be sure to tune in later for the hot Fox newsbabe strutting her stuff, nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more.

Do I get to stuff scriptures into their G-strings?

” . . . thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.” Psalm 23

I wonder if this just isn’t another way to raise money at church. Instead of passing the collection plate, dudes could just make it rain.

Dude. I wasn’t even allowed to dance on Sundays. Sheesh.

If God doesn’t judge, what’s this whole “Hell” thing about?


That’s for poor and/or non-white and/or non-conservative people, duh! And lo, in the fourth book of Teabag, Gawd did say, “IOKIYAR”.

@al2o3cr: +1

Also, what’s this about folks not getting on the NYT site? Am I supposed to be paying now?

Soon… porn for Christ.

A holy trinity will never be the same!

@ManchuCandidate: A heavenly threesome?

@JNOV: Ugh. But apparently they are already in the brig/on trial. Isn’t Der Spigot complicit in making this worse than it already is?

@flypaper: Well, they were sorta on trial, but of course it was this weird courtmartial six months ago coming out of Fort Lewis (I can’t remember if I did a post or comment on it) and it was clear that they were trying to railroad the Bradley Manning of the group, if you know what I mean.

@flypaper: @ManchuCandidate: @mellbell: As for heavenly threesome with Justice Thomas?! Eeeeewww Eeeeewwww! Mind bleach! Mind bleach! His body was black velvet and chocolate!? HAYELLLLL to the Fucking.No!!!!!

Have a Koch Industries Coke Pube and a smile?

@flypaper: I don’t see how it can be made worse than it already is. People are dead for no reason. The Most Dangerous Game.

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