But What’s His Farmville Policy?


Fuck Pawlenty. This just in from Iowa, pastor declares he molested under-age boys to help them achieve sexual purity. Coz everyone knows all the bad thoughts are in the cum.

Do we need Stinque grammar police intervention re spelling of ejaculate?

I would like to help that hot boys school kid on Glee achieve sexual purity.

“Pawlenty to announce exploratory committee”: what, are they forming a team of spelunkers and proctologists to attempt to find exactly *how* far up his ass his head is? ;)

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.:

The guy should have waited 10 years, after he had established his own church and convinced his followers to sell their stuff and resettle on his “compound.”

Seriously, that sounds like the explanation a cult leader would give to his followers as he convinced them to let him molest their children.

@Serolf Divad: As a newly ordained minister myself it’s giving me ideas. First take the plank out of your own eye. Or whatever.

@Capt Howdy: I thought he was one of the rare few white guys I would do, but it turns out he is half-filipino.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: He’s straight. Allegedly. I have my doubts. Though it would explain the total lack of chemistry in that kiss.

@mellbell: I can’t tell you how important that kiss, so divorced from sexuality and cast in such a romantic and elegant light, probably was for teenage gay boys all over the nation, who, maybe for the first time in history, got to see that being gay isn’t just about a hard dick and where you put it.

@ManchuCandidate: I think the difference now is that people no longer pay her to try.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: I totally get and appreciate that. And I love that they’ve also shown teen girls kissing for their own sake and not for the pleasure/pique of guys, which is sadly rare in our pop culture.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: And how did I guess that was Victoria Jackson before clicking through?

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: Technically, I saw “former SNL player” in the link, and the game was up.

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.: Not unless I’m telling a racist joke from my youth.

@Nojo, Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.: In my mind, a “jig” is a fish hook with a weight at the eye that is used to fish at the bottom of a lake, pond or stream. For example, I have used a micro-jig fished on a fly rod with great success on trout, most notably one snowy late winter day on the Delores River in southwestern Colorado. The weight causes the small lure to bounce along the bottom of the stream and the soft brown marabou feathers are irresistible to the fish. Bass fishermen use much bigger versions fished on a stouter rod.

So, to say “the jig is up,” means to me that the lure is out of the water and the effort referred to is over.

Instructions for tying the micro-jig:

@redmanlaw: Marabou? (Pause.) Really?

However, I never heard of that meaning of the old phrase. Nor read it so stylishly stated. You know we have some of the country’s best trout streams nearby? I never see anyone fish them. Though I did see some people ice-fishing back in Jan. And in the summer they fish for bass in the reservoir from metal reservoir boats.

We have motherfucking snow today. I am seriously pissed.

@redmanlaw: I was listening to an interview yesterday with Actor/Comedian/Real Doctor Ken Jeong. He said he prefers roles where he doesn’t have to “Nip it up”.

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.: For reals. Marabou is one of the all time great fly tying materials. Traditionally used for tails and wings, I have used it wrapped the length of a hook for a body. With a wispy tail and a raggedy feather of the same color with a rib of gold or copper wire, the result is a scraggly worm shaped fly that I developed for use on a big famous trout stream near where I worked one summer, New Mexico’s San Juan River. (See RML, “Summer on the San Juan”, New Mexico Magazine, May 1994.)

I also use the fly, which I call “the Alien” because of its bent back profile and overall appearance, up on the nearby Pecos River, where I can drop it at the head of a deep pool or run and catch the larger fish that hang near the bottom. I’ll post pictures of some marabou flies in the sandbox later if I can find my camera.

I am familiar with the history of fly fishing in that area from my reading on the subject. I also sold some flies I tied to one of my law professors way back when for his great aunt to use on the Battenkill. My flies have caught trout, bass, panfish, pike, pompano and even a catfish in Alaska, Oregon, California, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida and New York.

@redmanlaw: I’m just saying. Has the gay even queered the fish?

You always get so lyrical about fishing and its contentments. I’m told the best around here is at the Neversink and in Roscoe. I fished enough as a boy to understand its allure.

@Dodgerblue: She’s enchanting.

@nojo: The OH came home yesterday and rushed to turn on the radio so he could finish listening to this great new voice he’d discovered. He turns on the radio and it’s Harry Shearer!!!

Imagine my consternation.

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.: Here you go:

Re: What gay men think of fly tying

I just LOVE pink and purple…I mean, “cherise”…marabou with tinsel flash.

– from washingtonflyfishers.com (google: gay marabou “fly fishing)

The poster above must have been thinking about bass flies:


@redmanlaw: I’ve jigged for bass, including with earthworms that have just the tiniest bit of air injected into their tails so that one end bobs tantalizingly above the slightly weighted hook. Good for walleyes, as well.

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