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The Human Rights Campaign has released its list of gay-friendly companies…

Whether you are buying a cup of coffee or renovating your home, by supporting businesses that support workplace equality you send a powerful message that LGBT inclusion is good for the bottom line.

…allowing the Friendly Bigots over at WorldNetDaily to turn the list upside down:

The only restaurant giant with a zero score not pushing “gay” causes is OSI Restaurant Partners, which operates Bonefish Grill, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Outback Steakhouse.

Bonefish Grill isn’t part of the Homosexual Agenda? So if we order a delicious, succulent, mouth-watering Bang Bang Shrimp, we won’t catch anything?

Buying for Workplace Equality 2011 [HRC]

American companies that don’t promote ‘gayness’ [WND]


I like to eat someplace they’re not cramming an agenda down my throat. Like they’re telling you to swallow it and go. I hate that. I like to take the time to order a nice stiff cocktail followed by a steaming bowl of cock a’ leaky soup, followed by coq au vin with potato balls capped by a nice spotted dick with cream sauce. That’s fine dining.

OT: Update from Tokyo – the girlfriend is stuck in her hotel, on standby, and will get out by Thursday if ANA keeps its promises. Rolling blackouts due to the nuke plants’ destruction, almost all shops shuttered, and 80 percent of trains out of service.

@blogenfreude: That must be nerve-wracking for both of you. Hope she’s soon on her way home.

@blogenfreude: Did she actually get anything done, or was it just a hit and run visit to a post-apocalyptic mega-city?

@Mistress Cynica: crazy-makig for me, but she’s very Japanese – OK, city shutting down, time to go home, no drama. I don’t know how she does it.

@redmanlaw: when she got to the hotel she found out my prediction was correct, and her appointments were cancelled. City will bounce back quickly, no doubt, but little business getting done right now.

@blogenfreude: I’m staying in Japantown in LA tomorrow night (my favorite place to stay in LA and P.S. boo on Tommy and Dodger for not being able to stinque-up) and so I imagine things might be somber at the hotel and sushi place.

@SanFranLefty: To say the least. Looks like they have a core breach now in the plutonium-fueled reactor, an out-of-control fire in spent but still dangerous fuel in another close-by reactor, and two more overheating cores. It will take a miracle now to get them out of this.

@Dodgerblue: So, which is the more appropriate Oppenheimer quote: “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”, or “It worked”?

@Nabisco: He must have worried about putting nuclear fission into thehands of people not as smart as he, which was basically everyone except maybe von Neumann.

So Coop kept pitching a two-hour live show on site tonight — 60km from Fukushima — and after an hour, the first hour was repeated without explanation.

Finally learned via Twitter that all the news orgs are bugging out. Tweet posted two hours ago, just as Coop’s first hour was ending. Hurricanes are one thing, but this is serious.

@nojo: Coop did an hour, then left town? Oh Jesus.

@nojo: Given that residents within 60 miles or so are being told to “stay home, close your windows and turn off your air conditioners“, it sounds like any form of evacuation has been written off.

Which is very sobering. Japan Tobacco is probably handing out free Mild Sevens since, you know, lung cancer is the least of their worries.

@Nabisco: Gad. I was just watching a little NHK English (iPhone app!), and they ran down a list of precautions: Don’t expose skin outdoors, change clothes and wash up back inside, don’t use kerosene stoves because you have to seal your windows, don’t drink tap water…

Haven’t seen that rundown since 16mm civil-defense films in junior high.

Well, duh, Coop has a Twitter feed…

andersoncooper Due to safety concerns we are leaving this area an therefore not live for the second hour
about 4 hours ago

andersoncooper Finally found enough fuel, now am trying to drive north away from possible nuclear problems
about 2 hours ago

That’s a long two-hour gap…

@nojo: AC 360 soon to be known as “Nuked Coop” – which will stymie the Google algorithm that got so used to searches for “Naked Coop”.

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