New Final Four Logo Causes Online Commotion

Is it a coincidence that the NCAA basketball logo bears a striking resemblance to the Islamic star and crescent? Is it any more a coincidence than a year ago, when wingnuts made a fuss about the U.S. Missile Defense Agency logo? Can we get more hits than Stinque Asshole of the Year Pam Geller by raising the spectre of Sharia Law’s ban on shooting threes when a man is open inside? Can you hear us now, Drudge?

While you’re cowering in fear, you’re also invited to participate in our annual Spectacular March Madness Pool, brought to you by Mellbell. To join the Stinque Braquet, visit Yahoo Sports and enter the Secret Codes:

Group ID: 129942
Password: thedance

Winners will be resented, while losers will be publicly castigated. Good luck!


As one of the soon-to-be publicly castigated, I’m in, MO-Fos!

Go Bruins! If we get beyond the first round, drinks are on me!

I don’t know what brackets are. I am such a loser.

PS. Don’t try to explain. It won’t make either of us happy.

@Dodgerblue: I have (perhaps foolishly) picked Uklah to go to the Elite Eight. I also have Texas going to the Final Four.

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.: It’s like if you tried to have a face-off of the 64 worst musicals of all time, going up against each other head to head.

@Dodgerblue:what happened with kevin oneill, usc coach? he used to coach here at UT. here’s something from an arizona website, so i don’t know if it’s true.
did you see “the running rebels of unlv on hbo” yet? tark blamed wooden cheating for his cheating. sorry for the blasphemy.

@SanFranLefty: I donno, if we beat Michigan State, next up is probably Florida.

@Dodgerblue: and then probably byu. i want to see byu play duke so the cameron crazies can harass byu for the abstinence bullshit. but i can’t pull for byu to beat anybody.

beware fla though, they beat UT twice by one shot and then thrice by missing only 3 shots in the second half after we led at the half in sec tourney.

@SanFranLefty: 68.

New Mexico Lobos to be 2d round NIT exit. Whooooo!

@jwmcsame: I can’t believe BYU will going anywhere after dismissing a star player for boffing his girlfriend. Nor do they deserve to.

@redmanlaw: Hey, San Diego State, aka Party Central, made it to the Dance. Lobos can too.

@Dodgerblue: SDSU dominated the “Bos this year. UNM beat BYU two times, including once at Provo when they were No. 8. They bounced back and really had the Lobos’ number on Friday night, maintaining a 5-8 point lead throughout most of the game. The only way UNM was going to the NCAA this year was if they won the Mountain West. They had a very poor start to the season and lost a few games by 1-3 points.

As for something more relevant to my life, I understand the fish are biting on the Rio Grande up towards the Ancestral Homeland.

What’s my deadline on this? I haven’t come up with a new system yet.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Hotness of the quarterback, maybe? Do they have one of those in baseball?

@Dodgerblue: @SanFranLefty: Pitt v. Ohio State, aka the Rusted Dancebelt?

@redmanlaw: Bisons, FTW!

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Deadspin has a great rant by Drew about the brackets this year.

As for me, fuck it, I’m ready to go fishing. I have to give another guy a ride to a meeting we’re going to tomorrow in the Big City, so no detour to the indoor range or big box sporting goods retailer. Also off limits tomorrow: a city pond near our Albuquerque office to bother the panfish.

For you fashionistas out there, the Fug girls have the Fug Madness tournament bracket posted.

@Mistress Cynica:

Words can not express how disappointed I was to discover that link had no relation to the Fugs I was thinking of. :)

@al2o3cr: Just to prevent further disappointment–you can be pretty sure that anything I link to is not about music. It’s really not my thing.

what benedick said.
this is NOT distracting me from the world falling apart.

@cyn re music and disappointments: i’ve been trying to put my iTunes library on my iPhone for MONTHS. i finally did it by GIVING STEVE MY CC NUMBER, the gonif.

Well, my bracket is up and ready to go! Will I crush you all, as I did last year? Signs point to yes.

@baked: All you needed to do was sync your phone with iTunes – you can authorize up to five devices to play tunes purchased from Steve-O, I think.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: I am committed to upholding my tradition of remaining squarely in the middle of the pack. I just had to make a few sentimental picks, which always torpedo my bracket.

@Nabisco: so i was told, but it not worky til i signed into iTunes store with the CC. you see, your iTunes library is not really on your computer, it’s online! i copy CD’s, for the pod usually, steve held my tunes hostage til i opened an account at the iStore.

@baked: I’m stumped. If you are copying from your CD to iTunes, there’s no reason Steve should require your CC to let you put your playlist on your phone. Steve only asks for my CC when I find 99 cent movie rentals, which of late have been quite often. It’s like the cut-out bin of the digital age, except less Foreigner.

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.: I’m not so sure. What could I possibly do with all the new black turtlenecks I’ve received from a mysterious gifter every year since I first met Steve in 1986?

@Nabisco: OMFG! You know him? That’s like knowing Carol Channing only cooler. Is he like totes awsum? On a scale of 1 – 10 how cool is he? 11? I bet he’s an 11. Could you tell he was the Chosen One?

It seems to me we learned an important lesson about picking Catholic schools last year, but I forgot what it was. Any help?

@libertarian tool: Go with Jesuits.

I figured we’d be seeing you around these parts, stranger. Welcome back.

@mellbell: I thought about holding out for more money this year, then remembered, you’re not that kind of Commish.

Here is the Stinquey breakdown: 14 Entries

KS – 4 picks – Mell, Barry, HFA, Cynica
OHIO – 3 picks – Manchu, Nojo, Nabisco
TX – Lefty (WTF? I mean I’ve got them losing to Oakland in round 1)
ND – Leyland
DUKE – Prommie
PITT – Chicago
KY – LibTool (Why? What else would a Paultard to do?)

NO PICK – Alien and Pederest (Apparently thinking we will all die from radiation poisoning from the Fukushima Reactor No. 4 cloud blanketing the US before tournament is completed)

@libertarian tool: Coffeehouse chatter: “We have only two days before the radiation hits us.” Followed by The Usual Conspiracy Theories. The speaker is among those hoarding iodide pills.

Oh noes! Morehead State upset Louisville!

@mellbell: But that screws everybody equally, yes?

Unless you’re from Louisville, of course.

@homofascist: Thanks. Work was too busy to stream the video or even track the play-by-play, but they were tied at the half against a much lower-seeded team, and that pretty much tells the whole story.

@nojo: I take some consolation in the fact that it’s a team from Kentucky advancing, however improbably. In that sense they’re kind of this year’s Murray State, though I have some connections to Murray and none to Morehead, so I can’t get too worked up about the game against (presumably, but one never knows) Vandy.

@mellbell: Speaking of the home state of Senator Rand Paul – I just dodged a bullet and came within a budget beater of being the first to be wiped out. I would have never been able to return.

@mellbell: AKA Mas Felacio U (courtesy of an old friend who teaches there).

@mellbell: My one sentimental pick, in the West, puts me comfortably in the middle of the pack. Apparently none of us expected Vandy to lose.

Hmm… I note without further comment that Lefty is already down to a final 3. Anyone else suffer such a deep bracket threatening wound? Other than the “No Picks” of course.

@libertarian tool: I should have realized that Louisville was a bad pick for the Final Four when even mellbell didn’t pick them to go that far.

UCLA hasn’t been knocked out yet. Further, I sayeth not.

@Dodgerblue: Did you pick them to make it to the Elite Eight like I did? Did you even get your shit together and get in the pool in time? I’m already looking forward to the mid-series reset that Yahoo allows us to do.


Let the celebration begin. Blue is buying!

I’ll collect mine at the next esseff stinque-up.

Ok, just figured out how to add my bracket. Am I winning?

@SanFranLefty: Well, that’s something, anyway! See that, losers? I’m #1 for the hindmost spot!

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: We know how you love screwing bringing up the rear, Tommy…

The wimmenz tournie is where it’s at in 2011. If the rankings and history hold, the four most powerhouse teams will end up in the Final Four, with Stanford v. Baylor and Tennessee v. UConn. About time that Gino goes head to head with Pat Summit. It’s going to be three games for the ages.

Fucking Georgetown Hoyas. Between them, A&M choking to Florida State, and the abortion-known-as-Louisville’s loss, my regional Southwestern bracket has gone boom.


Sorry Lefty… I’ve got the same final four, but the Tree goes into the Baylor woodchipper and UCONN takes it all in my bracket.

@SanFranLefty: Yeah, nobody expects the Top Dog Jesuits at G’town to go down so early. For what it’s worth, Charlie Sheen chose Akron as “Winner”.

The Running Dogs of the University of RML play Bill Clinton’s Hawgs , I believe, in Monday night NIT action on ESPN. I had the Lobos as a second round NIT exit, so we’ll see how my one pick goes.

I CANNOT GET IN! The radio button is grayed out. :-(

@SanFranLefty: No, I was down in East Mulepoop, Alabama most of the week and did not get any brackets submitted. I’ve noticed, though, that not having money or pride on the line makes watching the games more relaxed. Except, of course, for my Bruins, who have not yet figured out that they need to play smart for 40 minutes.

Mini-review of the Bill T. Jones gig last night: rehash of pieces from the 80’s showing a strong Martha Graham influence and not much else. Costumes were boring. My friend Marcia said she enjoyed looking at the dancers’ asses.

@JNOV: You can get in on the second chance tournament whenever that begins.

UCLA is down 2 with 13 minutes to go. They are looking good.

@Dodgerblue: They’re not losing as bad as I feared. But they better pull it together, or else my bracket is wiped out more.

@mellbell: Ah. Okay. My brackets were due in at work on Thursday, but, well, you know.

@SanFranLefty: Lost. Shit. As I predicted, but one always hopes for more.

On another note of Sport, I got invited to a hockey game onight. I don’t follow the sport, but I understand that it’s a lot of Canadian guys beating the crap out of each other with sticks. Is that right?

@Dodgerblue: It was much cooler when they didn’t wear helmets or face masks. See if anyone on the team is old enough to have been excluded from that newish rule.

Sorry to hear about Ucklah. I had /mumble mumble/ US America’s Wang school in the bracket.

And yes. It is. There is a flow to things, but like curling it is better understood in places where there is ice outside what is found in a drink.

Too bad the puck won’t have a blue tail. Just dress warmly and drink.

oh… dear sweet zombie jeebus don’t bring up the blue tail on the puck.

It nearly caused a riot in Canada City.

Good one, NBC.

Just wrapped up my speech and heading out of Brasilia. Knocked it out of the park. Of course, Hillz had all the details earlier today – she’s better with that stuff. She stills needs my rhetorical flourish to punctuate it with just the right touch.

Did you catch that Actions have Consequences.? Heh. Just a little shout-out to my Stinquer bracket buddies.

Hey, blue – Sorry about your Bruins. Helps my bracket though. I didn’t have your boys getting through the first round.

@Barrington Chadsworth IV: I understand. It was mostly sentimentality that led me to think they would get past the first round. And re Obama, I was disappointed that he didn’t say: “These Brazilian women! Sweet Jesus!”

NFW. Ever since I was busted sexting with Scarlett, Michelle monitors my blackberry.

If Butler keeps this up, my final four chalk goes up in smoke.

The “no sex” Moroni are beating up on the Jesuits of Spokane, and fucking with my bracket. I notice that Barrington Chadsworth IV is still winning the Stinque pool.

Fucking Pitt. Fucking Pennsylvania. They’ll probably blow it for me in 2012 too.

@SanFranLefty: I bet the Lobos were watching that game tonight screaming “we beat those motherfuckers TWICE!! In fucking PROVO, even!!! “

@ManchuCandidate: I did it Just. For. You, Manchu. That tail came veery close to making me a fan.

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