John Ensign’s Very Late Walk of Shame

“Sen. John Ensign is expected to announce at an afternoon news conference in Las Vegas that he will retire rather than face a brutal 2012 re-election campaign, according to knowledgeable sources.” [Roll Call]


What? Are you fucking kidding me? He needs to pull a Vitter and double down on this shit. Pussy.

really to bad. I was looking forward to that.

Retiring to spend more time with someone else’s wife.

He can help dad run the casino and have hookers delivered by the bus load.

And, it’s official:

“This campaign would be exceptionally ugly,” he said this afternoon at a news conference in Las Vegas. “I just came to the conclusion I couldn’t put my family through it.”

Sometimes the Daily Show just writes itself.

ADD: Bonus Good Wife photo!

The wife doesn’t look like Wife No. 1, more like the woman he cheated on his first wife with and subsequently married. If that is the case, I can’t feel much sympathy for her.

@nojo: “But I sure wouldn’t mind putting some one elses family through it.” Added Ensign. “Where’s my best friends wife?”

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