A Nice Enough Idea

Local news: the Psychometer feature is no more.  It has ceased to be.  (Frankly, it has ceased to be for months now.  Now it is official.)

The fault, dear cynics, lay not in the concept, but myself.  We were all gung-ho to track the stupid.  Then real life happened to your humble servant.  Now we look at it and the House segment of the Congressional Record runs to almost 1600 pages.  Sifting through that to find every stupid thing that the GOP said for the record?  Though offers for help came (and thank you, btw), you could put the entire staff of a major metropolitan newspaper to that task, and it would never get done.  Through my overreaching and reality-based sloth, the idea has wasted away, and has now died through my own fault, through my own grievous fault.

So hail and farewell to Psychometer — an ingenious plan that turned into a brilliant mistake.  Sleep well.


Entire cable news networks can’t track all the crazy. No harm, no foul.

honey, I’d blame it on the Everest-sized pile of craziness oozing out of the southern side of the Capitol that overwhelmed you.

If you want to talk about failed ideas, you could talk about my 2008 idea for a Stinque Book Club that fizzled after two months.

My dear CB, Stinque isn’t the first creative project I’ve endeavored. I’ve got thirty years of misadventures under my belt. Some worked out better than others, but I’m proud of all of ’em.

Next time, fail batter.

Pharmaceutical TJ:
Has anybody around this here joint tried loading Abilify on top of Wellbutrin and the occasional Ambien and Ativan? Hypothetically speaking? WTF does Abilify(TM) really add besides another $25 copay?

@SanFranLefty: You have to watch out for that shit. I can’t remember now which one (there were so many) my therapist insisted would do the trick, but I ended up lost and disoriented at the Western Washington State Fair.

Fortunately, because there were young children in the party, we had an in-case-you-get-lost meeting spot. Unfortunately, because they were my family, nobody noticed I was missing for an hour and a half.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: What a heartwarming tale.

Might actually have been easier to try to track their good – ie, not crazy – ideas. I can think of… um… well…

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