And Now Los Angeles Has Its Grammar Issues

Keith Calder [via The Tweeter Formerly Known as The Starter Wife]

Ob. Frisky Dingo: “And why does it say ‘Welcome To You ARE Doom’?”

Also a major internets fail, as the first thing I think of when I read “Painman” is the Pain Series (DO NOT GOOGLE THAT).

Oh, and the typos continue on the site – “neuological” is in the copy that appears BY ITSELF on the landing page. Sheesh.

BTW, don’t even get me started on the whiny emo bullcrap that is the actual content; I got to the part about how he follows “eye for an eye” AND Jeebus and quit reading. It doesn’t say who the author is, but I suspect either Painman or his not-at-all-ripped-off-from-Daredevil ultrarich female love interest is a total Mary Sue…

@nojo: @al2o3cr: Who and/or what is this Frisky Dingo of which you two speak and what the hell is ob?

@lynnlightfoot: Start here. Greetings, America!

(ob: “Obligatory”)

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