Out to Launch

We understand that there are Important Things going on in the world — Important Things that, were we a Responsible Editorialist, we would Responsibly Editorialize about. Heaven knows that, lacking our Responsible Editorial, you wouldn’t know what the hell to think.

But in contemplating said Important Things, we discovered that we have absolutely nothing to say, Responsibly or otherwise. Unions Good, Qaddafi Bad, Charlie Sheen Crazy. When’s lunch?

So, in lieu of words that would make the Mighty tremble and the Humble weep with joy, we choose instead to present a silly video about a rocket launch that nobody cares about. Because, in the end, it fills 300 vertical pixels of space, and that’s all that really matters.


Spiderman has now been delayed till June. Which means that it misses the Tonys cut-off but that’s probably intentional as Priscilla will win everything. Clearly they can’t afford to fire J Taymor but have hired the director they said they wouldn’t. I should think they will next fire whoever is playing Spiderman and others in the cast then go back into rehearsal, hire a new choreographer, close down for a few weeks and re-open with a ‘whole new show’ campaign that won’t fool anyone. Will they be able to get new songs out of Bono? Will he allow them to bring in someone who knows how to write a song? I would imagine that the producers are all hoping for some legitimate catastrophe that would allow them to close and have the insurance cover it. All shows are heavily insured by specialists. Very expensive. But when the last Tommy Tune musical was trounced by the reviewers in DC they had the great good fortune to have Mr Tune break his foot so they couldn’t bring it in. Maybe the roof will collapse under the weight of the rigging. They can only live in hope.

The nut would seem to be around a million. They are only taking in perhaps 200,000 a week more, so they’re dealing with very thin margins for a show of this size. I can’t think that they didn’t try to get Joe Mantello or Bartlett Sher but they most likely asked for too much or made other demands the producers couldn’t meet. The new director did Boy From Oz which was a hit so long as Hugh Jackman was in it and closed after a year when he left at the end of his contract. Which is why I reckon they’ll now fire whoever is playing Spiderman and a few others in the cast for the hell of it. Maybe try to find a star? I can only guess at the pressure they’re all under. I should think J Taymor will take a few weeks off and go somewhere quiet to cry.

But it was filmed on an Android!*

*not that it matters at all but unleashing my inner Apple Groupie.

@Right Reverend Benedick:
I’d consider getting tickets for the sheer trainwreck aspect and yes, I have seen Waterworld and Plan Nine From Outer Space.

Thanks for the tweet of the day, Nojo.

@Right Reverend Benedick: I just watched Charlie Sheen talking on Piers (sp?) Morgan. First of all, you were right, Bene – this Piers guy isn’t all bad. A bit to chummy, but almost earnestly so. Then, I remembered re-watching “Platoon” a few weeks back after hearing Charlie call in to the Dan Patrick show (that’s Sport), and thought “It makes sense. Dad went nuts on the set of a war movie, son did the same.”

I wonder how Emilio is doing.

ADD: @SanFranLefty: Agreed. We’re not a big enough crew to start losing people so soon.

@SanFranLefty: More to come. Something just spilled out of me.

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